Should I pay for Spotify Playlisting?

It’s time to stop paying for playlist pitching. To clarify, if you’re an artist, it’s in your best interest to never pay for a company to pitch your music to third party Spotify Playlists again. Simply put, there is no longer a viable path for success when hiring these services.

How can you tell if Spotify followers are fake?

When you find a playlist that interests you, click on the profile of the creator. If that person has multiple playlists with roughly the same follower count, that’s a red flag. They may be using fake followers to boost counterfeit streams. Before you contact a curator, watch their performance.

Can you make money curating Spotify playlists?

PlaylistPush is a platform that allows Spotify users to monetize their playlists. Playlist owners review tracks sent to them by talented indie artists all over the world. Playlist curators make anywhere from $1-$6 USD for each track review.

What is the best Spotify promotion?

Here are the 12 best Spotify promotion services you should go check out immediately:

  • Indie Music Academy.
  • Playlist Push.
  • YouGrow Promo.
  • Omari MC.
  • Playlist Promotion.
  • Daimoon Media.
  • Boost Collective.
  • SubmitHub.

Why you shouldn’t put your music on Spotify?

Spotify is ruining how people listen to music Tough. Once your music is made public you no longer have control over how people will listen to it. You can’t control the environment they’ll listen to it in. Can’t control the people they listen to it with.

Does buying Spotify followers work?

Buying Spotify followers and streams can help you gain the necessary traction to draw in more people naturally over time, thus amplifying your popularity on the platform and in the music community.

Do artists fake streams?

Buying fake streams (along with many other illegal practices) on major streaming platforms like Spotify is nothing new. As easily as fraudulent users can steal an artist’s music to leech royalties, they can also buy streams from illegal third parties and fake them with illegal bots and click-farms.

How many followers do you need to push a playlist?

Playlist Follower Size Requirement: Minimum 1,000 followers per playlist.

How much do independent artists make on Spotify?

While Spotify has not publicly shared how much artists get for streaming music on the platform, Business Insider reports that the streamer shells out $. 0033-$. 0054 per stream — meaning a song could have to be streamed three times for an artist to make a penny.

Are Spotify promotions legit?

But first things first: what exactly does “Spotify promotion” mean? Legitimate Spotify promotion services pitch artists’ music to curators of prominent Spotify playlists, providing exposure to real listeners through such placements.