Should soda machines be allowed in schools?

Providing healthy vending machines in schools can help improve students’ health, academic performance and overall well-being. Healthy snacks provide much-needed nutrients: Growing children and teenagers need more nutrients than adults to support healthy body and brain development.

Can I put a soda machine anywhere?

Can You Place Vending Machines Anywhere? You probably could technically place a vending machine anywhere, but it’s not quite so simple. First and foremost, you cannot legally place a machine on someone else’s property and use their utilities without their permission or a contract.

Should schools ban vending machines?

Last year, 44 percent of school districts banned junk food from vending machines, believing that by eliminating unhealthy foods, they’d encourage kids to eat better. But a new study finds that banning vending machines in schools might not end up curbing childhood obesity after all — it may actually worsen it.

Who banned vending machines in schools?

For example, on July 1, 2004, California Senate Bill 677 (Chapter 415) banned the sales of carbonated beverages in vending machines in elementary, middle, and junior high schools, and replaced them with milk, water, and juice.

How many schools in the US have vending machines?

With vending machines found in 43 percent of elementary schools, 74 percent of middle schools, and 98 percent of high schools across the U.S., it’s a safe bet to say vending in schools is here to stay.

Can you put a vending machine on a college campus?

College campuses provide an ideal situation for vending machine placement. You can try traditional machines like snack and drink dispensers, but specialty vending machines are also popular.

Why did schools get rid of vending machines?

CURBING JUNK FOOD She and others battling record rates of obesity and type-2 diabetes among California children are heartened by a state law that went into effect this month. Under it, certain junk foods like candy, chips and soda, will be banned in elementary schools.

Why should schools get rid of vending machines?

If kept up, poor dietary choices such as these may put children at risk for obesity and chronic health problems such as diabetes and coronary artery disease , the researchers say.