What age is Catan Junior Good For?

ages 6+
Mayfair Games describes the game as a light, fun, social adventure game for kids and families. It’s for 2-4 players, ages 6+ with an attention span of at least 30 minutes. The adventure includes Coco the parrot circling above your ships around the islands of Catan.

How do you play Catan Jr?

The goal of the game is to be the first player to build your 7 pirates’ lairs. You can build a pirates’ lair on any empty lair-site adjacent to one of your ships. You can build a ship on any empty ship-site adjacent to one of your pirates’ lairs. You need resources to build ships and pirates’ lairs.

Can a 5 year old play Settlers of Catan?

Designed for players as young as 5 and is a perfect introduction to the Catan series of games for kids and families.

How do you cheat on Catan?

All you’ll need to do is soak the wooden dice in water overnight, and you can slightly increase the weight of one side. With this method, you’ll get a slight advantage over the course of a game. The probability of rolling any of the numbers in Catan, with both fair and loaded dice.

How is Catan Junior different?

The die-cut resource tiles included in CATAN Junior are very convenient for children because unlike in the CATAN game for adults, the players don’t have to hold cards in their hands but can place the resource tiles in front of them. CATAN Junior can also be played as a 2-player game.

What is the difference between Catan Junior and Catan family?

Relationships to Other Games Catan Family Edition is exactly the same game as The Settlers of Catan. The components are generally cheaper and simpler. The board is also a little smaller. The only major mechanical difference from the original game is how the board is put together.

Can a 7 year old play Settlers of Catan?

As it is a fairly complex game in many ways, the age recommendation of 8+ is a good guide, and there is a separate ‘Kids of Catan’ set available for younger players. The game really is unique, unlike any other board games we have played before.

Can you lie in Catan?

The rules of the original games don’t encourage lying, but they don’t always go out of their way to prevent it either, given their designers’ knowledge that different players have different “standards.” In order to prevent such lying in home games, the players should agree on house rules to prevent/penalize it.

Is there a Catan strategy?

This strategy focuses on sprawling across the board, building a long road and settlements along it. Players who like this strategy look for lots of wood and brick in their initial placements. A typical winning combination will involve 2 cities, 4 settlements and longest road.