What are Android provisions?

Provisioning is the process of setting up a device to be managed via policies by an enterprise . During the process a device installs Android Device Policy, which is used to receive and enforce policies . If provisioning is successful, the API creates a devices object, binding the device to an enterprise.

What is device provisioning?

The term provisioning for a device means to evolve a device to a state in which it can be handed off to an end-user for their specific use in a functional manner.

What does provision app do?

Provision is the first step in harnessing data to drive profits. It gives you industry-leading information — virtually 100% of the data you need — to price and appraise more accurately. It begins the shift from simply managing inventory to managing investments, what vAuto calls the Investment Value Method.

Is provision app Safe?

Some users may confuse a legitimate Provision app with this virus. However, the application is genuine and approved by both, Google and Apple, stores….Com. google. provision is a virus that mostly targets Android users.

Name Com.google.provision
Danger level Medium. Can install dangerous apps

What does provisioning mode mean?

Dec 15, 2020•HSM Article Provisioning mode is automatically turned off to improve device security against unwanted modifications to the system.

Which of the following is a feature of device provisioning service?

Features of the Device Provisioning Service DPS has many features, making it ideal for provisioning devices. Secure attestation support for both X. 509 and TPM-based identities. Enrollment list containing the complete record of devices/groups of devices that may at some point register.

What is Wi-Fi provisioning?

What is Wi-Fi provisioning? Wi-Fi provisioning is the process of connecting a new Wi-Fi device (station) to a Wi-Fi network. The provisioning process involves loading the station with the network name (often referred to as SSID) and its security credentials.

What is IOT hidden menu on my Android phone?

Iot hidden menu app is, therefore, a secret menu that allows you to customize the User Interface on the Android phone. This secret menu is not always visible to users as developers intentionally hide it for you to explore and find it.

What is setup wizard in Android?

A setup wizard is a tool that is installed in the android phone to help the user to manage applications. The setup wizard performs various functions. The primary purpose of the setup wizard that has a premium license is to allow the user to restore previous applications on a new phone.