What are Caliber Trucks good for?

The Caliber trucks 40 are the go-to for downhill and freeriding. I personally think they are some of the best cast trucks for beginners. The ‘special geometry’ makes these trucks super stable and solid for downhill riding.

Can you put any trucks on a longboard?

Longboard truck hangers are wider to accommodate the difference in deck size (most longboard trucks are either 150mm or 180mm). Because of this size difference, skateboard trucks and longboard trucks can’t be used interchangeably.

Are caliber II trucks good?

Caliber II Trucks are awesome, straight up. Whether you end up on the Fifty Cals or the Forty Fours, you really can’t go wrong. My favorite part about the Caliber II trucks is the ability to do some pretty simple upgrades that push them into the range of precision-quality performance.

Where are caliber skateboard trucks made?

Caliber branded themselves as a truck designed for the growing freeride scene. We now think of freeriding as the most popular form of the sport. This made Paris, who had built up a reputation as good carving trucks, look a bit out of touch with the trends.

How do I choose longboard trucks?

To choose a truck, 9 times out of 10 you will (as closely as you can) match the skateboard deck width to the inch measure of the truck width.

Can you put skateboard trucks on a longboard?

To put longboard trucks on your board you need to make sure that the truck mount holes line up. If they don’t, you’re going to need to drill new holes. Lay your board down and place the trucks on top, lining up the furthest holes on the trucks with the furthest holes on the deck.

Are caliber standard trucks good?

Caliber Trucks are designed to give you the best performance possible in a cast truck. With years of research and development by some of the best skaters in the world, you can rest assured that these trucks are the best they can be.

Who owns caliber trucks?

Liam Morgan
The results are our battle-proven Caliber Standards, Forty-Fours, and Fifty Calibers. The daily operations of the company include Tom Flinchbaugh, legendary downhill filmer/photographer and social media wiz, and Liam Morgan, professional skater, long time team rider and current owner/CEO of Caliber Truck Co.

Are caliber longboard trucks any good?

Caliber may be a relatively new brand, but their longboarding gear exceeds all expectations in the skateboard industry. They are widely known for building the strongest longboard trucks on the market, using only top of the line materials. Caliber’s mission is to provide trucks that ride as good as they look and to hold up better than the rest.

What are the different types of longboard trucks?

Based on your riding needs, there are several different Caliber longboard truck styles to choose from. Caliber Forty-Four trucks are built for speed when cruising downhill; they include high performance bushings that prevent wobble. Fifty Caliber models are stable at high speeds and extremely responsive.

Where can I find a good guide to longboard truck anatomy?

Randal Trucks has an incredibly detailed, thorough guide to longboard truck anatomy and how the various options affect the characteristics of your board. Use this resource once you’re looking to fine tune your trucks a bit more. Sabre Trucks conducted an experiment that highlights the differences in strength for various manufacturing techniques.

Are cast trucks good for longboarders?

It’s an expensive manufacturing process but it usually makes the most reasonable unit cost per truck. Thanks to this, cast trucks are typically the most affordable option and an excellent choice for new longboarders. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes and styles from all the major truck manufacturers.