What are good discursive topics?


  • Discursive essay topic #1: Do energy drinks pose health risks to people under 18?
  • Discursive essay topic #2: Should GMOs be permitted in food?
  • Discursive essay topic #3: Do all adults need eight hours of sleep each night?
  • Discursive essay topic #4: Is technology addiction a real addiction?

What is a discursive topic?

Discursive writing presents an argument related to a given topic. It can either examine both sides of the issue in a balanced way or argue persuasively on one side only.

How do you start an argumentative essay about a movie?

Write the introduction The introduction of this essay should touch on a few key information about the movie without giving away any spoilers. This includes the name of the director, the title of the film, when it was released and the actors. It is all about giving the readers a brief background of the movie.

What to write discursive essays about?

Discursive essay is another kind of academic papers, which is used to check the students’ skills and knowledge. Its main particularity is the aim to provoke discussion on the call-off topic. As a result the author joins the conversation about any situation, even, issue, or problem.

What is discursive essay and example?

Well a discursive essay is a genre of writing that asks you to investigate a topic; to gather, read and evaluate evidence; and to present a position on your topic based on the evidence gathered.

How do I start a discursive essay?

Some effective ways to start discursive essays are:

  1. Ask a question – Questions force your audiences to consider what they know about a subject.
  2. Use an anecdote – personal experience can develop an affinity with a reader because they can see how another human engages with an idea.

How do you write a movie essay?

Step By Step Guide to Writing an Essay on Film

  1. Watch the Movie. This is the obvious starting point, but surprisingly many students skip this step.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Write a Summary.
  4. Write Your Analysis.
  5. Conclusion.

What is a movie essay?

Introduction. The term “essay film” has become increasingly used in film criticism to describe a self-reflective and self-referential documentary cinema that blurs the lines between fiction and nonfiction. Scholars unanimously agree that the first published use of the term was by Richter in 1940.

What are interesting argumentative topics?

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  • Is politics always a dirty game?
  • Is gun control an efficient way to control crimes?
  • Should animals be used in experiments/testing?
  • Only a person with native ability can become a great politician.
  • Is the death penalty efficient?