What are Mannatech products?

Mannatech is the pioneer of groundbreaking technology that’s revolutionizing nutrition, immune health, weight loss, skincare and more. Called Glyconutrition, it provides targeted nourishment for your cells through specialized ingredients derived from plants.

What are the benefits of Ambrotose?

Ambrotose is a combination of eight sugars the body uses to make glycoproteins (proteins with sugar molecules attached). Proponents claim that Ambrotose has beneficial effects on conditions ranging from sleep, memory, and mental disorders to hypertension, asthma, and allergies.

How do I join Mannatech?

All you need to do:

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Where is mannatech manufactured?

In 2007, Mannatech and its salespeople made false claims of anti-disease benefits about its lead product called “Ambrotose” which contains sugars derived from plants….Mannatech.

Mannatech headquarters in Flower Mound, Texas
Founder Samuel Caster
Headquarters Flower Mound, Texas , US

What is Mannatech Ambrotose?

Mannatech says its product, Ambrotose, is a simple nutritional supplement that helps the cells in one’s body communicate with one another.

What is MannaBears?

MannaBears are colourful, chewy, pectin bear-shaped gummies designed to not only be delicious, but also to support cellular communication through Glyconutrients† and to provide antioxidant support from vitamin C. * MannaBears come in a combination of delicious grape and mixed berry flavors and are naturally sweetened.

How long does Ambrotose take to work?

A co-worker told me about Ambrotose, and sold me a small bottle – I took 3 a day, with meals. The bronchitis was effectively “broken” in 3 days, and I was back to normal in just over a week. I kept taking it (about 3 times a week) for the next 5 years – and never had a sniffle during that time.

Is Ambrotose safe?

Conclusion:Regular supplementation with Ambrotose is safe and can improve subclinical cellular adversity (as evidenced by a decrease in monocytes), without unnecessary activation of an immune response.

How do you make money with Mannatech?

Mannatech rewards you for a healthy habit! We have found a way to reward you for your commitment to your wellness. It’s called the Mannatech Loyalty Programme. The Loyalty Programme is your ticket to earning credit on every Monthly Subscription Order you place, which can then be applied towards redeeming free product.

Can you make money with Mannatech?

Explore how you can improve your health and earn income! Mannatech makes it possible! You can begin with very low start-up costs and the time flexibility to work the hours you want, without requiring prior experience in business or sales.

What is glyconutrients good for?

The most commonly used glyconutrients contain plant sugars from aloe and larch arabinogalactan. People use these sugars to make medicine. Glyconutrients are used for alcoholism, allergy, asthma, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

What vitamins are in Mannabears?

Benefits Include Provide antioxidant support from vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the immune system by supporting various cellular functions. Full of natural ingredients including: amla, raspberry, broccoli, carrot, kale, tomato, and spinach.