What are nicknames for the police?

Sense: an officer in a law enforcement agency

  • alphabet (US, slang)
  • barney (US, slang)
  • beatsman (archaic, rare)
  • bizzie (UK, slang)
  • bluecoat (dated)
  • blue heeler (Australia, slang)
  • blue meanie (derogatory, slang)
  • bobby (UK, slang)

What is the highest police title?

The Chief of Police (COP)
The Chief of Police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the Police Department.

What are groups of police called?

The uniformed police are known by varying names such as preventive police, the uniform branch/division, administrative police, order police, the patrol bureau/division or patrol.

What city has the best cops?

Best Cities for Police Officers

  1. Laredo, TX. Laredo, Texas, is the best city, and the top mid-sized city, for police officers to work in the United States.
  2. Vallejo, CA. Vallejo, California, is the second-best city for police and sheriff’s patrol officers in the country.
  3. Redding, CA.
  4. Danville, IL.
  5. Merced, CA.

WHAT DOES Cpl stand for police?

Police Corporal. Page 1. City of Winder. Job Description: Police Corporal – Patrol. Department: Police.

What are good criminal names?

Thailand Chao pho Red Wa

  • Cambodian crime gangs Teng Bunma organization
  • Indonesian crime gangs Preman (See also Pancasila Youth and insurgency in Aceh) Medan gang
  • Malaysian crime gangs Mamak Gang
  • Filipino crime gangs (See also Abu Sayyaf and New People’s Army) Waray-Waray gangs Kuratong Baleleng Changco gang
  • What is a good name for a police officer?

    plainclothes officer; police officer; private eye; private investigator; prosecutor; reporter; roper; scout; sergeant; shadow; shamus; shoofly; sleuth; slewfoot; snoop; spy; tail

    Would I make a good police officer?

    The Greenfield officers picked up the kids at their homes on Sunday morning, then met up together for breakfast at McDonald’s before heading to Walmart to make holiday wishes come true. Joe Munden, an evidence custodian for the Greenfield Police

    How do I find a police officer by name?

    Call 911. This is the universal emergency number.

  • Use the Internet. Use the Internet to search for your local police department’s contact details.
  • Pay Attention to Local Police Patrol. Look around.
  • Special-Duty Officers. Find special-duty officers in the community.
  • In Everyday Life. Pay attention in your everyday activities.