What are radio listening groups?

In listening groups, participants meet regularly over a given time to listen to audio programming and discuss issues and challenges they face as a means to review awareness and content of programmes aimed at their community.

What is local community radio?

Community radio usually is a short-range, not-for-profit radio station or channel that caters for the information needs of people living in a particular locality, in the languages and formats that are most adapted to the local context.

What is the role of community radio and local media in social development?

Community radio is not-for profit and provides a mechanism for facilitating individuals, groups, and communities to tell their own diverse stories, to share experiences, and in a media rich world to become active creators and contributors of media.

What is the most popular type of radio listener?

According to the average quarter-hour share of radio listeners, news and talk radio was the most popular format of radio in the United States in 2019, with 9.5 percent of the radio audience tuning in to news/talk broadcasting.

What are people who listen to radio called?

The audience for a television or radio programme consists of all the people who watch or listen to it. If you are attentive , you are paying close attention to what is being said or done.

What are the examples of community radio?

Here are five prominent community radio stations that have truly evolved to become the voice of the voiceless in India.

  • Radio FTII 90.4 FM, Maharashtra.
  • Apno Radio, 90.4 MHz, Rajasthan.
  • Vidyavani, 107.4 FM, Maharashtra.
  • Vasundhara Vahini, 90.4 MHz, Maharashtra.

Who is community in community radio?

AMARC (the French acronym for the World Association of Community Radio) defines community radio itself as “a non-profi t station, currently broadcasting, which offers a service to the community in which it is located, or to which it broadcasts, while promoting the participation of this community in the radio”.

What is community radio in development communication?

Community radio is a medium of expressing and sharing views, thoughts, ideas, problems and prospects of rural, disadvantaged, vulnerable and hard to reach population with the mainstream population.

What is community radio?

What is community radio? Community radio stations are non-commercial, independent, and offer an alternative to the commercial radio programming that dominates our airwaves.

What types of music can you listen to on community radio?

Instead of sticking to a narrowly-defined genre or “format,” like almost all commercial radio stations, all types of music can be heard on community radio, as well as news and public affairs programming.

What are community music stations?

These stations regularly play songs by local, independent artists, and often do interviews and even live on-air performances. Community stations can also help promote your shows by announcing your upcoming performances or doing ticket giveaways.

What are the benefits of community radio stations?

Furthermore, most community radio stations also stream their broadcasts online. An on-air performance or interview on one of these stations can both increase your exposure in your own community, and give fans in other cities a chance to hear you live. Community radio stations are also a great resource for touring musicians.