What are the 7 elements of a yearbook layout?

Here, then, are the seven elements of a yearbook layout that you need to master:

  • The Primary Headline. The biggest, boldest words on each page, the primary headline needs to pop.
  • The Sub-Heads.
  • The Dominant Photo.
  • The Narrative.

What are 5 layout elements that should be included on all yearbook spreads?

What are 5 layout elements that should be included on all yearbook spreads?

  • DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD. A double-page spread is made of two pages, one left (even page number) and one right (odd page number).

What is a gutter in yearbook?

Gutter: Where two pages meet in the center. Headline: A bold or larger line of text at the top of a story that summarizes or introduces what it is about. Kerning: The space between side-by-side letters that can be adjusted if necessary.

What is a yearbook ladder?

A yearbook ladder is a diagram that helps plan content and track deadlines.

What should be consistent on all yearbook spreads?

All captions on a spread should be a consistent width and not trapped between photos. While traditional guidelines suggest that no more than two captions should be stacked together, many yearbooks use group captions like those seen in contemporary magazines.

What is a widow in yearbook?

Widows. A widow is a word or line of text that sits alone at the start of a column or page. They’re similar to orphans in that they are distracting to readers.

What is a spine in yearbook?

SPINE: Area of the yearbook connecting the front and back covers. The name of the school, name of the book, city/state, volume number and year should appear on the spine in a way that reflects the theme.

What order should a yearbook be in?


  • SAMPLE 1. • Opening (Title) Page – photo of school, address of school, table of contents.
  • SAMPLE 2. • Opening (Title) Page – photo of school, principal and vice principal, address of school.
  • SAMPLE 3. • Opening (Title) Page – school photo and address, theme of yearbook, table of contents.

How to design captivating yearbook page layouts?

Image-Size Templates. An image-size template is a SlidesYearbook creation.

  • Caption Placeholders. Captions tell stories and are necessary for yearbooks.
  • Individual Student Portraits. My school has over 600 students and a photographer program for individual portraits.
  • Reuse Layouts.
  • How to make yearbooks for your school?

    Choose the size,cover type and number of pages to get an instant quote in advance.

  • Set up a free Shutterfly Classroom Share Site.
  • Invite teachers,coaches and parents to join the Share Site so you can easily gather everyone’s photos in one place.
  • Start making your yearbooks.
  • Add your photos from the Share Site,your computer or your phone.
  • How to make a yearbook?

    Make sure to involve your entire team in the process. While it is difficult to provide general recommendations in this area, you and your team should definitely look to the theme and style guide for inspiration and direction. Also, note that advanced yearbook software and online tools exist to help make this task much easier.

    How to create a yearbook page?

    Start with your yearbook’s style guide or master template

  • Set the goals for your page,such as content and theme.
  • Choose a yearbook page template. Alternatively,create a custom yearbook page layout.
  • Add your content. This will include captions,copy,photos and headlines.
  • Edit your page. Get feedback from your yearbook team.
  • Proof your page.