What are the disadvantages of a Brompton?

On bad roads riding the bike is a little bit less comfortable thanks to the small wheels which offer less suspension than 28 inch wheels and have to be highly pressurized. Cobblestone roads are just a nuisance on the Brompton, and you have to watch out for potholes more thoroughly.

Do Brompton bikes hold their value?

Do Brompton Bikes Hold Their Value? Brompton bikes tend to hold their value exceptionally well. They’re iconic, well-made, and in high demand, so even on the second-hand market, you can expect to fetch a handsome price for your Brompton. Compared to other bicycles, age has minimal effect on their value.

Do Brompton bikes get stolen?

Bike Register lists 1,264 stolen Bromptons, of which 203 were stolen in the past year. It has become common for thieves to steal locked bikes in public places, but a more aggressive breed of criminal is now attacking cyclists riding sought-after brands.

How long will a Brompton last?

How long do Brompton bikes last? The Brompton warranty is good for 7 years, but with proper maintenance, a Brompton will last multiple decades. It’s not uncommon to see ones from the early 2000s that are still in daily use! Like any bicycle, some of its parts will wear out over time.

Are Brompton fast?

With that said, the Brompton can go as fast as they are geared — just because they can fold does not make them slow. Road bikes have large wheels and greater momentum, giving them the opposite effect of the Brompton. Starting from a complete stop is slower and takes much more energy.

Should I buy an Old Brompton?

This is where the Brompton shines. In general, the older the bike the slower they loose value, so often enough bikes of 10 years or older are more or less similarly priced (or not too far apart), so buying a very old one does not make too much sense as recognizably newer ones do not cost relevantly more.

Do Brompton bikes rust?

My brompton’s going rusty! If you live or ride near the sea, you can expect some components on your Brompton to start showing some small patches of surface rust reasonably quickly – just as components on any bike would.