What are the Islas Baleares known for?

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Balearic Islands

  • The UNESCO-Listed Old Town of Eivissa (Ibiza Island)
  • Palma de Mallorca (Mallorca Island)
  • Beautiful Beaches on Formentera Island.
  • The Medieval Walled Town of Alcúdia (Mallorca Island)
  • Real Cartuja de Valldemossa (Mallorca Island)

What body of water is Islas Baleares in?

western Mediterranean Sea
Balearic Islands, Spanish Islas Baleares, Catalan Illes Balears, archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea and a comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Spain coextensive with the Spanish provincia (province) of the same name.

What is Mallorca known for?

Mallorca, also called Majorca, is the crown jewel of Spain’s Balearic Islands. The most popular destination the Mediterranean, Mallorca is known for its beautiful coastline, secluded coves, limestone mountains, Spanish architecture, wineries and fresh produce farms, and stunning beaches.

Where is Las Islas Baleares?

The Balearic Islands are located in the Western Mediterranean Sea, near the Iberian Peninsula’s eastern coast. The archipelago is approximately 80-300 km off Spain’s coast, with Valencia being the closest municipality on the mainland.

How many islands are in Spain?

Maybe Gran Canaria rings a bell for its wispy sand dunes, or Menorca for its bohemian beaches. But Spain presides over more than 60 islands, a mix of virgin nature reserves, uninhabited islets, and honeymoon-worthy oases—and most fly completely under the radar.

Which island the largest is known as the Isle of Dreams?

The largest island, Mallorca (also known as the ‘Isle of Dreams’), has a varied landscape of mountains and valleys, rocky coves and sandy beaches.

Is Mallorca known for pearls?

The term “Mallorca pearls” generally relates to artificial pearls that are made and manufactured on the island of Mallorca, the most famous brand of which is Majorica, which have been produced in Mallorca since 1890 when the manufacturing process was originally invented.

What animals live on the Balearic Islands?

But if something characterizes our islands, then it is the lizards, like the Balear lizard and the Pitiüsa lizard. Other endemic animal species are the Ferreret toad, almost a fossil that lives in the gorges of the Serra de Tramuntana and is almost a symbol of Majorca.

How hot is Balearic Islands?

Summers are hot and dry with temperatures peaking at an average of 26 °C in June to 31 °C in July and August. Majorca tends to be the warmest of the islands peaking at 31.5 °C in August. The islands receive between 5 – 15 mm of rainfall, so holidaymakers would be unlucky to get caught in the rain.

What are the Islas Baleares?

The Islas Baleares are comprised of four principle islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza. First traces of settlement on the Islas Baleares date back as far as 5000 B.C.

How many people live in the Balearic Islands?

Circa 2017 there were 1,115,999 residents of the Balearics; 16.7% of the islands’ population were foreign (non-Spanish). At that time the islands had 23,919 Moroccans, 19,209 Germans, 16,877 Italians, and 14,981 British registered in town halls.

What is the culture of the Balearic Islands?

The islands’ culture and cuisine are similar to those of the rest of Spain but have their own distinctive features. The archipelago forms an autonomous community and a province of Spain, with Palma de Mallorca as the capital. The 2007 Statute of Autonomy declares the Balearic Islands as one nationality of Spain.

What is the story behind the Balearic Islands?

Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. According to legends, the Greeks referred to the islands as Gymnesiae because the islands’ inhabitants were always naked during summer seasons. Other legends from Ancient Greece suggested the inhabitants lived in caves and hollow rocks.