What are the key principles of the transforming care Programme?

Three things need to happen

  • Make sure there are enough services in the community. There are not enough services in the community to meet the needs of autistic people.
  • Make sure the money is available for community services.
  • Make sure mental health law reflects the needs of autistic people.

What is easy read NHS?

Easy read is an accessible format of providing information designed for people with a learning disability. The easy read format is easy to understand because it uses simple, jargon free language, shorter sentences and supporting images. Our easy read leaflets.

Why is easy read so important?

Easy read helps people with learning disability understand information easily. Easy read can also be helpful for: people who are not familiar with English. people with dyslexia.

How do you write accessible information?

Tips for making your information more accessible

  1. Consult customers with disabilities to find out what information they need and what formats they want.
  2. Use clear, user-focused language.
  3. Make sure that relevant staff know how to get alternative formats of information, including Irish Sign Language.

Why do we transform care?

Transforming care will mean that fewer people will need to go into hospital for their care. This means that we can close hundreds of hospital beds across England. To do this we are making sure that services in the community are much better.

What is a Cetr meeting?

A Care, Education & Treatment Review (CETR) is a meeting about a child or young person who has a learning disability and/or autism and who is either at-risk of being admitted to, or is currently detained in, an in-patient (psychiatric) service.

What are learning disabilities?

Having a learning disability means that people find it harder to learn certain life skills. The problems experienced vary from person to person, but may include aspects such as learning new things, communication, managing money, reading, writing, or personal care.

How can I read easy?

Getting started – some of the rules for writing Easy Read information

  1. Use wide margins.
  2. Justify all of your writing to the left.
  3. Keep the pictures to the left of the writing.
  4. Use at least 1.5 spacing between lines.
  5. Number the pages at the bottom right hand side.
  6. Use large font: at least size 16.

What is meant by easy read?

Easy Read is an accessible format. It is used by people with learning disabilities and other people who have difficulty with reading. Easy Read is a way of translating difficult information and making it easy to understand.

What is considered an easy read?

Easy read is a method of presenting written information to make it easier to understand for people with difficulty reading. Easy read advocates sentences of no more than ten to fifteen words, with each sentence having just one idea and one verb. Active sentences are used instead of passive sentences.

How do you make something accessible?

Here are five simple things you can start doing now to make content more accessible for your readers with disabilities:

  1. STEP 1: Make a Checklist.
  2. STEP 2: Adapt Your Writing Style.
  3. STEP 3: Provide Meaningful Alt Text.
  4. STEP 4: Use More Descriptive Links.
  5. STEP 5: Check for Color Contrast.