What ASVAB score do you need for 17C?

To qualify as an MOS 17C, you need ASVAB scores of 110 in General Technical (GT) and 112 in Skilled Technical (ST).

Is 17C a hard MOS?

It is 10 weeks long, it is physically hard, stressful, and in the words of many graduates, a lot of fun and a great experience. 17C candidates attend Phase I, which is the six month long Navy Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC) at Corry Station (Pensacola), Florida.

Where is basic training for 17C?

Job training for a cyber operations specialist requires completing 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and two phases of Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Phase 1 is located in Corry Station, FL, for 25 weeks, and phase 2 is located in Fort Gordon, GA, for 20 weeks.

How long is Army cyber school?

37 weeks
“It’s perfectly positioned and partnered.” The Cyber BOLC is 37 weeks, making it the longest officers’ training program in the Army and nearly double the length of others, said Capt. Sam Thode, Cyber BOLC course manager.

Does 17C have a bonus?

The career field of 17C cyber operations specialist has a selective retention bonus ranging from $15,300 to $57,600. 17C offers $19,200 to $72,000 in a location selection retention bonus for high-end operators.

What does a 17A do in the Army?

17A Cyber Operations Officer Cyber branch is a maneuver branch with the mission to conduct defensive and offensive cyberspace operations (DCO and OCO). Cyber is the only branch designed to engage threats directly within the cyberspace domain.

Do Army Cyber get deployed?

Army Cyber forces are deployed globally, conducting defensive and offensive cyber operations 24/7. Just like traditional combat, military operations in cyberspace require intelligence, planning, and leadership of dedicated people.

Is the 17C MOS considered to be in the Army?

Then you topped it off with ” nobody joining the 17C mos is in the Army to be in the Army. Otherwise they would be a 17E which is basically cyber infantry”. “I know this is long, but I figure I would try to keep it short enough and information”.

What does a Cyber Operations Specialist (MOS 17C) do?

They safeguard information by protecting digital data, maintaining security measures like firewalls, and introducing new cyber security. Learn more about the role of an Army Cyber Operations Specialist (MOS 17C), including job duties, education, training, pay, and civilian job outlook.

What certifications do you need for MOS 17C?

You will receive several industry-leading certifications during training for MOS 17C. These include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and CISCO Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). How long is AIT for cyber security?

What skills do you need to be a 17C in the Army?

The Army also mentions that you need to have the ability to make quick decisions, multi-task, and perform well under pressure in order to succeed at MOS 17C. It also helps to demonstrate self-discipline, confidence, and intelligence while performing job duties.