What cars use G48 coolant?

The Comma Xstream G48 Anti-Freeze and Coolant Ready Mixed protects against corrosion, overheating and freezing….Compatibility:

  • Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW vehicles built until 1996 (TL774-C)
  • BMW (BMW GS94000)
  • Deutz (DQC CA-14)
  • Jenbacher (Ta-Nr.
  • Liebherr (Min.

What color is zerex G 48?

Zerex G-48 Blue Concentrate Antifreeze – 1 gal.

What kind of coolant is g05?

Valvoline’s Zerex® G 05® antifreeze coolant is a long life, fully formulated ethylene glycol-based fluid suitable for passenger cars, light trucks and heavy duty vehicles. The formulation is designed for both gasoline and diesel engines.

What Colour is G48 antifreeze?

green/ blue- green
Index number as standard

VW BASF Colour
G11 G48 green/ blue- green
G12 red/pink
G12+ G30 red/violet
G12++ G40 red/violet

Why does BMW use blue coolant?

We recommend using BMW’s “Blue” coolant in your car because it is silicate & phosphate free, and has a much longer lifespan inside of your car’s cooling system.

Can you mix yellow and green antifreeze?

You can mix two different colors of the same kind of coolant without any problem whatsoever. But if you mix a significant amount of one type in with the other type, you’re weakening your corrosion inhibitors (it happened to my brother, and look at the condition he’s in now).

What Colour is G48 coolant?

What coolant does Tesla use?

liquid Glycol
Tesla’s thermal management (as well as GM’s) uses liquid Glycol as a coolant. Both Gm’s and Tesla’s systems transfer this heat to a refrigeration cycle and use electric resistance heating in cold weather. Glycol coolant is distributed throughout the pack to cool the cells.

What color is G05 antifreeze?

Zerex G-05 Yellow Ready To Use Antifreeze – 1 gal.

What is G48 antifreeze/coolant?

ZEREX G48 Antifreeze/Coolant provides unsurpassed protection for vehicles requiring genuine G48 fluid. This Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved formula ensures you are getting the precise factory-filled original formula for your European vehicle.

Why choose Zerex G-48 coolant?

This Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Approved Formula Ensures You Are Getting The Precise Factory-Filled Original Formula For Your European Vehicle. Zerex G-48 Is A Premium Grade Coolant That Employs Hybrid Technology Of A Mixture Of Inorganic & Organic Corrosion Inhibitors To Protect The Cooling System Formula From Rust & Corrosion.

What brand of antifreeze is approved for Audi tl-774-c?

Zerex G-48 Antifreeze / Coolant Is Approved For Audi Tl-774-C, BMW N 600 69.0, Deutz H-LV 0161 0188, Jenbacher TA-NR. 1000-0201, Liebherr TLV 035, TLV 23009 A, Man 324 NF, Man B&W List 3.3.7, MB-Approval 325.0, MTU MTL 5048, Volvo 1286083 Issue 002