What chapter is awakened Garou vs Saitama?

One Punch Man Chapter 160 sets up Saitama vs Garou’s final fight.

What chapter is Saitama vs awakened Garou webcomic?

Saitama vs Garou | The final battle | OPM Webcomic Chapter 88.

What episode does Garou fight Saitama?

Chapter 160 of One-Punch Man kicks off with all of the nearby civilians and weaker heroes reacting to the sudden surges and shockwaves of power. It’s soon revealed that at the center of it all is Garou launching a full force assault on Saitama.

Who kills Garou?

His clothes are torn and two strands of fabric flow behind him like scarves due to his encounter with Overgrown Rover, and after being defeated by Orochi his entire body is black with soot.

Who wins Saitama or Garou?

Present Series

Participants Chapter(s) Result
Garou vs. Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio 50 Win
Garou vs. Saitama 51 Loss
Garou vs. Metal Bat 57, 58 Interrupted
Garou vs. Watchdog Man 67, 77 Loss

Is Saitama stronger than awakened Garou?

Saitama Wins. No question there, in the manga, Garou actually ends up becoming a monster through sheer will as he was on deaths door, he went through an awakened change drastically changing his appearance and strength.

Who can rival Saitama?

1. Zeno (Dragon Ball Super) Can Beat Saitama easily. The king of Multiverse is stronger than anyone. This child-like being is the most dangerous in the universe.

Is Garo stronger than Saitama?

The answer to that question is no, because Saitama is a gag character whose punchline is anti-climactically ending any fight with a single punch. No matter how strong his enemy is or will be, he will always be strong enough to beat them, and Garo is no exception to that rule.