What condition does Hank Hill have?

Diminished Gluteal Syndrome
Hank suffers from a fictional genetic disorder called Diminished Gluteal Syndrome (DGS). His essentially non-existent buttocks provide insufficient cushioning when he sits, causing him great discomfort and eventually forcing him to wear an “ortho-gluteal” prosthesis.

Is king of the hill dark?

Over the course of its thirteen-season run, the show tackles heavy issues like infidelity, death, grief, and mental illness. Dark moments like these can derail the laughs but the more somber episodes speak to the strength of the program as a whole.

Is Bill Bobby’s father?

Hank is NOT Bobby’s Real Father According to the theory, Bobby’s real father was actually Bill all along. This theory is supported by the fact that Bobby looked more like his neighbor, Bill(Both overweight, shorter than most people, and have large appetites), than his father, Hank.

What happened to King of the Hill?

Cancellation. Although ratings remained consistent throughout the 10th, 11th, and 12th seasons and had begun to rise in the overall Nielsen ratings (up to the 105th most watched series on television, from 118th in season 8), Fox abruptly announced in 2009 that King of the Hill had been cancelled.

How did cotton lose his shins?

He is also a World War II veteran, who had his shins “blowed off by a Japanman’s machine gun” in combat and later had his feet attached to his knees. This made him a foot shorter than his relatives and caused a characteristic waddle. According to Hank, Cotton was 6 ft.

Does Hank Hill have OCD?

Hank probably suffers Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (distinct from OCD). People with OCPD are often seen as workaholics and perfectionists, putting a lot of emphasis on self-control in all situations.

What mental illness does Dale Gribble have?

Paranoid Personality Disorder
Dale presumably suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder, although it is unknown how he acquired the disorder. Dale’s mother is deceased, this fact being learned in the episode “Bobby on Track”.

Is King of the Hill based on a true story?

In early 1995, after the successful run of Beavis and Butt-head on MTV, Mike Judge co-created King of the Hill with former Simpsons writer Greg Daniels. Judge was a former resident of Garland, a suburb of Dallas, Texas considered the basis for the setting of the series, the fictional Arlen.

Why did King of Hill End?

Why FOX Canceled King of the Hill. Most of the time when a broadcast TV show gets canceled by its network, poor or declining ratings are the primary reason. If enough people in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 viewer demographic aren’t tuning in, the show’s value is questioned.