What country buys the most arms?

The world’s biggest military spenders In 2020, the US spent $778bn on its armed forces – the largest military spend in the world and more than the next 10 highest-spending countries combined, according to SIPRI. China ranked second at $252bn, followed by India at $73bn, Russia at $62bn, and the United Kingdom at $59bn.

Does the US government sell weapons?

Under FMS, the United States government manages approximately $55 billion per year in new sales of defense equipment to foreign allies and partners.

Who has the US sold weapons to?

Almost half (47%) of US arms exports went to the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia alone accounting for 24% of total US arms exports. The US is now supplying arms to 96 states while increasing its global share of arms sales during the five year period.

What is US biggest export?

Transportation equipment was the top commodity exported by the US last year, accounting for almost 18% of the country’s total exports. This category includes aerospace products and parts, motor vehicles, railroad stock, and ships and boats.

Who is the world’s largest arms importer?

According to recent numbers by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India was the world’s biggest arms importer in the past five years, ahead of Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, Australia and China. Australia especially has been one of the countries stepping up its defense purchases recently.

Why is the US important to Saudi Arabia?

The U.S. is Saudi Arabia’s largest trading partner, and Saudi Arabia is the largest U.S. export market in the Middle East. The United States and Saudi Arabia have a history of technical and educational exchange which has benefited both nations, and the longstanding security relationship continues to be important.

Why does the US need Saudi Arabia?

The core logic underpinning the relationship is that the United States provides military protection of Saudi Arabia in exchange for a reliable oil supply from the Saudis, pricing of oil in US dollars, and Saudi support for US foreign policy operations across the world.

Why do we sell arms to other countries?

They argue that arms sales are a tool for strengthening the military capability of allies and strategic partners to increase regional stability abroad. A competing view is that economic motives drive arms sales. This has been echoed by President Trump.