What diagnosis covers CPT 93880?

ICD-10 Codes That Support Medical Necessity and Covered by Medicare Program: Group 1 Paragraph: Extracranial Arteries Studies (93880-93882) Use a diagnosis code of R22. 1 (localized swelling, mass, and lump, neck) to report pulsatile neck mass.

What ICD 10 codes cover Carotid ultrasound?

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  • I65.21. Occlusion & stenosis of right carotid artery (93880)
  • I65.22. Occlusion & stenosis of left carotid artery (93880)
  • I65.23. Occlusion & stenosis of bilateral carotid arteries (93880)
  • I65.29. Occlusion & stenosis of unspecified carotid arter (93880)
  • R42.
  • R55.
  • R26.0.
  • R26.1.

Is CPT 93925 covered by Medicare?

Medicare expects that one of the “V”-codes listed below be billed as the primary diagnosis when billing CPT/HCPCS codes 93922, 93923, 93924, 93925, 93926, 93930 and 93931 for preoperative examination of patients with clinically suspected vascular disease who will undergo a lower extremity surgical procedure for which …

Is CPT 93970 covered by Medicare?

The following is a list of procedures considered reasonable for Medicare reimbursement for the evaluation of new-onset DVT: Duplex scan (93970 or 93971). Doppler waveform analysis including responses to compression and other maneuvers (93965). Impedance plethysmography (93965).

What is the difference between 93880 and 93882?

Remember that a bilateral study which is not complete (i.e., limited) would be classified by CPT code 93882. For evaluation of carotid arteries, use CPT codes 93880, duplex scan of extracranial arteries, complete bilateral study or 93882, unilateral or limited study.

What does CPT code 93880 mean?


What diagnosis will cover Carotid ultrasound?

Your doctor will recommend carotid ultrasound if you have transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) or certain types of stroke and may recommend a carotid ultrasound if you have medical conditions that increase the risk of stroke, including: High blood pressure. Diabetes. High cholesterol.

Is carotid Doppler covered by Medicare?

Carotid procedures and testing are covered when Medicare coverage criteria are met. Non-invasive test of carotid function (direct and indirect) is covered when criteria are met.

What is procedure code 93925?

CPT® 93925, Under Non-Invasive Extremity Arterial Studies (Including Digits) The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 93925 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Non-Invasive Extremity Arterial Studies (Including Digits).