What do Clear Channel do?

Transforming the world’s oldest advertising medium into a 21st century digital media channel. Our purpose. We boost brands by inspiring people through powerful out-of-home campaigns. We serve communities & municipalities through the provision of sustainable public infrastructure & services.

Who is Clear Channel owned by?

Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) is an advertising company that was previously owned by iHeartMedia. In May 2019, it was spun out from iHeartMedia as part of its exit from bankruptcy.

Where is Clear Channel Outdoor headquarters?

San Antonio, TXClear Channel Outdoor / Headquarters

How many employees does iHeartMedia have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Dec 2018) 18,300 (+3%)
Website Visits (Feb 2022) 218.5 k
Revenue (FY, 2018) $6.3 B (+3%)
Share Price (May 2022) $16
Cybersecurity rating C More

Who is Robert Pittman?

Robert Warren Pittman (born December 28, 1953) is an American businessman. Pittman was the CEO of MTV Networks and the cofounder and programmer who led the team that created MTV, and is the cofounder of iHeartMedia and Casa Dragones Tequila.

Where did Bob Pittman go to college?

Millsaps CollegeRobert Pittman / Education

Who are iHeartMedia competitors?

iHeartMedia competitors include News Corp, LatinWorks, SiriusXM, Entercom and Radio One.

Whats it like working at iHeartMedia?

Good Company, Good Manager, and Pay is Good. A good company handled the pandemic great with work from home. My Manager very helpful and supportive. Pay is good would like an opportunity for a raise. Overall a good company, happy to work for.

What happened to the clear channels?

(Western clear channels, such as 680 in San Francisco, had been “duplicated” in the eastern states for many years.) These new class II-A assignments (in places like Boise, Idaho; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; Lexington, Nebraska; Casper, Wyoming; Kalispell, Montana; and others) began what would later be called “the breakdown of the clear channels”.

Is clear channel owned by Metroplex?

In 1994 Clear Channel merged with a Tampa, Florida, competitor named Metroplex Communications. In 1995 the company leaped well beyond its established operating territory when it acquired a 50 percent interest in the Australian Radio Network.

What is a clear-channel station?

Clear-channel station. A clear-channel station is an AM radio station in North America that has the highest protection from interference from other stations, particularly concerning night-time skywave propagation. The system exists to ensure the viability of cross-country or cross-continent radio service,…

What is the purpose of a clear channel assessment?

The second purpose is to determine whether the medium is busy before transmitting. The medium must be clear before a station can transmit. To achieve these two physical carrier sense goals, 802.11 radios use a clear channel assessment (CCA) to appraise the RF medium.