What do vu points do in SimCity?

Launch Disasters to earn Simoleons or Golden Keys to spend on your Specialization buildings, and Vu points for upgrading Vu Tower and unlocking more Disaster types.

Where do I get items for VU Tower?

Vu tower items are very rare and needs patient. Try popping every bubble you see in the city. Or try shopping them at the Global Trade HQ.

How do I unlock Meteor Strike 2?

To Unlock Meteor Strike!…Meteor Strike

  1. Build a department of transportation at city hall.
  2. Build a municipal airport.
  3. Have 200 tourists arrive in a day via the airport.

What is NeoMall in SimCity?

The NeoMall is unlocked at level 30 and is where you can purchase items and Speed-Up Tokens for NeoSimoleons.

What are Disaster cards in Simcity Buildit?

Disasters are used in Club Wars to attack other cities and to attack the Monster. Disasters require War Items to be launched at other cities. Once a disaster has been launched both the player and the club will receive the number of War Points the disaster gives.

What is Omega in Simcity?

Omega Is a commodity produced by OmegaCo factories that is the essential ingredient for the Omega megacorporation to franchises in nearly every city. The resources needed to produce Omega are crude oil and raw ore. This can be done by plopping OmegaCo extractors.

How do I get rid of Omega in Simcity?

Omega items can not be sold in the Trade Depot or NeoMall, as they are specifically required for the Omega Zones/residential buildings. However, you will get an offer from other Mayors to sell your Omega items from time to time.

How does Vu tower work?

The Vu Tower The Vu Tower is a tower on the side of the highway owned by Dr. Vu. The Vu tower is the best way to earn golden keys. You can earn golden keys by launching disasters on your city and repairing the damage.

Who is Dr Vu in SimCity BuildIt?

Vu reappeared in SimCity (2013) in the Heroes and Villains Set DLC and spin-off game SimCity BuildIt. In both games, he is the owner of Vu Tower . Dr. Vu’s name comes from SimCity producer Thomas Vu, who is of Vietnamese descent.

Where can I find Vu in SimCity 4?

His name appears in a few buildings throughout SimCity 4; such as Vu Tank and Vat ( Dirty Industry) and Vu Blue Denim Headquarters ( CO $$$ ). Dr. Vu reappeared in SimCity (2013) in the Heroes and Villains Set DLC and spin-off game SimCity BuildIt. In both games, he is the owner of Vu Tower .

What happens when you level up the VU tower?

When a disaster is leveled up you will only be able to launch the upgraded version of that disaster. The Vu Tower can be upgarded to a max of level 18 with each upgrade costing an increasing cost of Simoleons. To be able to upgrade the Vu Tower you must gain a certian amount of Vu Points.

How do I unlock Vu tower?

At the start the Vu Tower is in a bad state and needs to be built. To unlock the Vu Tower you need to have 90,000 population and 40,000 Simoleons to build it. Once you choose to build it you will have to wait a few days while it is being built. This can be sped up by Simcash. Once built you will unlock the first disaster and Vu items.