What does a dependent position mean?

Placement of a limb so that its distal end is lower than the level of the heart. Gravity affects the fluids within the limb, drawing or retaining them to the distal aspect.

What is a dependent positioning for leg?

porarily by hanging the leg over the bed or getting up to walk around. This dependent position helps get more blood into the leg, relieving. the pain.

What is opposite of dependent position?

(dependent on/upon) Opposite of contingent on or determined by. independent. clear. exempt. free.

What is gravity dependent?

Mathematically, we say the force of gravity depends directly upon the masses of the objects and inversely upon the distance between the objects squared. [ F = G M1 M2 / D2 ] The G in the relationship is a constant that is called the universal gravitational constant.

What is dependent arm position?

The dependent upper extremity is flexed at the shoulder and slightly flexed at the elbow and secured on a padded arm board with padding under bony prominences; invasive arterial monitoring should be placed in the dependent arm to better detect compression of the axillary vascular structures.

What is it called when someone is dependent?

A dependant is someone who relies on someone else, possibly for financial support. You’ll most often find this spelling in British English, where it’s favored (or favoured!) in using the word as a noun.

What is a dependent atelectasis?

Gravity-dependent atelectasis refers to a form of lung atelectasis which occurs in the dependent portions of the lungs due to a combination of reduced alveolar volume and increased perfusion. Being due to gravity, it usually has a dependent and subpleural distribution.

What does mild dependent atelectasis mean?

Atelectasis and other conditions may also be called collapsed lung. Atelectasis means that lung sacs cannot inflate properly, which means your blood may not be able to deliver oxygen to organs and tissues.

What are examples of dependent?

An example of a dependent is the child of a man. The definition of dependent is relying on someone or something else, or a clause that cannot stand alone as a sentence. An example of dependent is a child to a parent. An example of dependent is “when the rain fell.”

What is example of dependence?

Dependence is defined as being controlled, influenced or reliant on someone or something else. An example of dependence is someone needing their job to pay their mortgage. An example of dependence is a plant requiring sunlight and water to grow. noun. (archaic) Trust; reliance.

What position is prone position?

In prone positioning, patients lie on their abdomen in a monitored setting. Prone positioning is generally used for patients who require a ventilator (breathing machine).

What is the dependent position of the leg meaning?

dependent position of the leg meaning, dependent position of the leg definition | English Cobuild dictionary. dependent. 1 adj To be dependenton something or someone means to need them in order to succeed or be able to survive.

What does’nondependent positioning’mean?

My understanding is that that refers to positioning something (ie, an extremity) below the level of the heart. ie, so that blood flow to that extremity depends on gravity to get there. So I’m assuming then that “nondependent” positioning means to position an extremity above the level of the heart. What do you guys think?

Are your feet dependent or non-dependent?

Your feet are in the nondependent position when you sit up with them on a foot stool, but they probably aren’t higher than your heart. 291 Posts One Rule is never read more into the question than it ask….. dependent……..to have someone or something do it for you. non-dependent……the ability to do it yourself. 291 Posts

What is the difference between dependent and non dependent position?

“Dependent” in terms of positioning means hanging down, below the mean level of the body, therefore not emptying the veins passively. when you stand with your hands at your sides your hands are dependent. when you raise your arms above your head, they are not dependent. “pendere,” latin, to hang.