What does a red light mean on a Smart Board?

A red Ready light indicates that the interactive whiteboard is receiving power, but isn’t communicating successfully with your computer. In most cases, pen tray LEDs won’t turn on and the screen isn’t responsive to touch.

How do I fix the red light on my Smart Board?

Symptoms Solutions Red light on SMARTBoard (This means the SMARTBoard is not communicating with the computer) 1. 2. Unplug the USB cords, count to ten and plug back up. Try a different usb port on the computer.

Why is my smart board blinking red?

Blinking red light – Indicates that the SMART board and PC see each other but are not properly communicating. Light off – There is no power connecting to the SMART board.

How do you reset a SMARTboard?

Resetting the Interactive Whiteboard To reset the controller module, use the tip of a pen tray pen to press the Reset button briefly (for less than three seconds). The Reset button is located behind the lower-right side of the interactive whiteboard (when viewed from the front).

Why won’t my smart board connect to my computer?

Make sure any connected computers are on and not in Standby mode. Make sure the screen is working by pressing Input on the front control panel and selecting the correct input source for your device. Restart the display and any connected computers. See Turning the display off and back on.

How do I get my computer to recognize my SMARTboard?

1. Click the SMART Board icon in the notification area beside the system clock (Windows) or in the Dock (Mac). 2. Select Control Panel > About Software and Product Support > Tools > Diagnostics.

Why is SMARTboard not working?

If your SMARTboard will not power on: Try using your remote to turn on the SMARTboard. 2. If the SMARTboard still won’t power on, unplug the board and wait for 10 seconds then plug back in. Please report this problem to the Whitesboro Tech Dept through HelpDesk, even if the SMARTboard will now power on.

How do I reset my SMART Board?

How do I get my smart board to display my computer screen?

It’s easy! Windows computer: Go to the start menu and select “control panel.” From there click the tab that says “screen resolution” and check the box that either says “multiple displays” or “mirror display”. Hit apply!