What does a rubber tire roller do?

Rubber-tire rollers can range from 5 to 30 tons in a variety sizes, weight categories, and tire sizes. They can be used to compact soils, hotmix, or other materials. They are adept at compacting asphalt around catch basins, water mains, or manhole covers.

How much does a rubber tire roller weigh?


Operating Weight – Standard Machine Empty 22050 lb 10000 kg
Operating Weight – Maximum Ballast 59525 lb 27000 kg
Operating Weight – Maximum Wet Sand Ballast 35275 lb 16000 kg
Average Weight per Wheel 3571 lb 1620 kg
Operating Weight – No Ballast 22050 lb 10000 kg

What is advantage of rolling with pneumatic TYRE roller?

Features and advantages of pneumatic tyre roller. Spacious and bright cab features wide view and comfort. Both-side operation can absolutely avoid rolling the curb and the compacting blind corners. There are two steering wheels, two seats, and two independent control systems for operations.

For which type soil compaction Sheepsfoot roller is used?

Sheepsfoot rollers are used primarily for compaction of cohesive, dense soils such as heavy or silty clays. They are not effective on loose or sandy soils due to the protrusions simply tilling the soil rather than compacting it.

How much do asphalt rollers weight?

The rollers can handle anything from course base compaction to hot-mix asphalt. Operating weight for the rollers ranges from 4,960 lb (2,250 kg) to 10,296 lb (4,670 kg).

How many types of rollers are there?

There are generally two types of smooth wheeled rollers: single and double drum roller. They are also known as static rollers.

How many types of road rollers are there?

1. Introduction

Single Drum Roller Double Drum Roller Triple Drum Roller
It can move faster. Comparatively, it moves slowly. It is slower.
It is lighter. It is heavier. It is heavier.
It has more traction and mobility. It has less traction and mobility. It has lesser traction.

Where are pneumatic rollers used?

Pneumatic rollers can be used on several different projects such as subdivision streets, large parking lots, and driveways. Pneumatic rollers are also used on chipseal projects.

Which type of roller is most suitable for soil compaction?

Sheepsfoot rollers, otherwise known as padfoot or tamping rollers, are rollers with many rectangular-shaped lugs, or “feet.” They’re great for compacting soil and silty clay in road construction work.

What temperature can you roll asphalt?

Ideally you want to install asphalt when both ground and air temperature are anywhere between 50 and 90 degrees. Anything below 50 or above 90 can cause a poor pour that will give you issues down the road.

What is a rubber-tired roller?

Find out information about rubber-tired roller. A heavy self-propelled or towed vehicle which rolls on a parallel series of pneumatic tires set on one or two axles; used to compact soil. McGraw-Hill…

What are tired rollers used for?

Pneumatic tired rollers are crucial for compacting surfaces of all types. These rollers can adapt to take on varied contact pressures, so they serve well whether you’re compacting asphalt or granular materials.

Why buy used pneumatic tired rollers from a CAT dealer?

Buying used pneumatic tired rollers is an economical choice for your business. And when you buy a used roller from a Cat dealer, you can trust that you will receive a high-quality, well-maintained machine at a great price point. Other benefits of buying from your local Cat dealer include:

What is xp263 pneumatic tire compactor rubber road roller?

XP263 26Ton Pneumatic Tire Compactor Rubber Road Roller Price Product Description XP263 pneumatic tire roller is a large-tonnage pneumatic tire roller produced according to market requirements, which will take pn… Key Specifications/ Special Features: XCMG Road Roller Main Features. -1.