What does DCP mean in film?

digital cinema package
A digital cinema package is the standard delivery format for film screenings at a digital cinema. Most major movie theatres today are digital cinemas. That means any sort of digital projection, be it a short or feature film, requires a digital cinema package or DCP for short.

Can you buy DCP movies?

Yes, they are right. This is because DCP has several advantages over the traditional 35mm film print.

How does a DCP work?

A DCP is simply a folder containing a set of specific MXF and XML files. At the highest level, a DCP is a collection of various files that when combined into the same folder, allows the playback server in the theater to play your movie. It’s the digital equivalent of a 35mm film print.

What is DCP exhibition format?

In a DCP, a filmmaker’s video track is encoded frame by frame in the robust JPEG-2000 format. This format allows each element of a film to be stored separately in a folder. A Digital Cinema Server utilizes this folder along with other elements to properly project every element of your motion picture on the big screen.

What is DCP and 35mm?

A DCP or Digital Cinema Package is the modern version of the old “35mm film reel”. It is the format movie theaters use to project feature films and trailers. Over 90% of the theatres in the world now screen from DCPs. If you’ve seen a movie in a cinema lately – it was likely from a Digital Cinema Print.

How big is a DCP?

How Large Can a DCP File Size Be? Regardless of resolution, most DCP’s have a bitrate limit of 250 Mb/s. That’s more than eight times the data of a typical Blu-ray. Best practices are not to go right to that cap, but it gives us an maximum file size – no matter if it’s a 2K or a 4K DCP.

How do I watch DCP?

So far the only way to check a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) was a screening in a cinema equipped with a D-Cinema Server. With easyDCP Player and easyDCP Player+ you have now the chance to check DCPs on a standard MAC or Windows PC. easyDCP Player+ even allows for playing encrypted DCPs.

How do I become a DCP?

How do I make a DCP?

  1. Export your film as a 16-bit TIFF sequence.
  2. Use free, open source DCP software to convert the TIFF sequence into JPEG 2000.
  3. The DCP software then wraps the video (JPEG2000) and audio (WAV) in to MXF files.

How do I convert DCP to MP4?

To convert a DCP to ProRes or MP4, the first step is start a new project and import the DCP (see Chapter 5, Manipulating existing DCPs). Then, choose Export… from the Jobs menu to open the export dialogue, as shown in Figure 9.1, “Export dialogue”.

What is KDM in cinema?

A KDM (Key Delivery Message) is a small file generated by content mastering facilities (like Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema for example) and then sent to cinemas to unlock their content for playback.