What does Iron Master mean?

a manufacturer of iron
Definition of ironmaster : a manufacturer of iron.

What does the Ironworks mean?

1 : work in iron also : something made of iron. 2 ironworks plural in form but singular or plural in construction : a mill or building where iron or steel is smelted or heavy iron or steel products are made.

What does crofter mean?

a person who rents and works a small farm, especially in Scotland or northern England.

What’s wrong with adjustable dumbbells?

Unnatural Dumbbell Look and Feel All selectorized dumbbells will either look or feel different than a regular dumbbell. For example, some models will have supports around the handle, which box-in your wrist. This may limit your range of motion on some lifts or prevent you from grasping the handle in certain ways.

Why choose ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells?

Learn more. The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells are one of the best pieces of weight training equipment you can buy for your home gym. They are highly versatile, extremely durable and simple to use.

How much do ironmaster dumbbells weigh?

Also, the weights of the individual plates weight plates can vary slightly from their stated weights, meaning one dumbbell can weigh up to 300 grams (2/3 lbs) more than the other ( up to 800 grams, or 1¾ lbs, on the 120 lb set). In Ironmaster’s defense, they do advertise 75 lbs as the nominal weight.

What are the specs and measurements for the ironmaster quick-lock straight bar?

The major specs and measurements for the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Straight Bar include: 11.5″ ends (i.e. space available on each side for plates) 66″ total bar length 42.5″ inside grip length Solid steel construction with knurled grip Uses spinlock collars to secure plates

What can I do with the ironmaster quick-lock kettlebell attachment?

The Ironmaster Quick-Lock kettlebell attachment introduces a whole host of new and different exercise options. In this video, professional MMA fighter Lyle Beerbohm demonstrates many of the movements made possible by the kettlebell attachment: