What does ng-show do?

The ng-show directive shows the specified HTML element if the expression evaluates to true, otherwise the HTML element is hidden.

What is Div ng-if?

Definition and Usage. The ng-if directive removes the HTML element if the expression evaluates to false. If the if statement evaluates to true, a copy of the Element is added in the DOM.

What is difference between Ng-if and Ng-show?

ng-if can only render data whenever the condition is true. It doesn’t have any rendered data until the condition is true. ng-show can show and hide the rendered data, that is, it always kept the rendered data and show or hide on the basis of that directives.

What is Div ng app?

Definition and Usage The ng-app directive tells AngularJS that this is the root element of the AngularJS application. All AngularJS applications must have a root element. You can only have one ng-app directive in your HTML document. If more than one ng-app directive appears, the first appearance will be used.

How do you use NG cloak?

  1. Definition and Usage. The ng-cloak directive prevents the document from showing unfinished AngularJS code while AngularJS is being loaded.
  2. Syntax.
  3. Parameter Values. The ng-cloak directive has no parameters.

What are Angular 9 modules?

What Are Angular Modules? Angular modules are containers of code parts that implement related domain requirements. They let developers create apps with modular architectures and reusable code just like components. Angular uses NgModules to create modules and submodules which are different from JavaScript/ES6 modules.

Can we have two ngIf in Angular?

No. We can simply pass else template *ngIf directive as shown below. And this template can be defined anywhere in the component view as shown below.

What is difference between * ngIf and ngIf?

What is the difference between ngIf and *ngIf in Angular? ngIf is the directive. Because it’s a structural directive (template-based), you need to use the * prefix to use it into templates. *ngIf corresponds to the shortcut for the following syntax (“syntactic sugar”):

Can we Nest ng-app directive?

You can’t use one ng-app inside another one in angularjs. because AngularJS applications cannot be nested within each other.

Why we use NG-app in Angular?

The ng-app directive defines the root element of an AngularJS application and starts an AngularJS Application. The ng-app directive will auto-bootstrap (automatically initialize) the application when a web page is loaded. It is also used to load various AngularJS modules in AngularJS Application.