What does the masseteric nerve innervate?

The masseteric nerve is a nerve of the face. It is a branch of the mandibular nerve (V3). It crosses the mandibular notch to reach masseter muscle….

Masseteric nerve
From mandibular nerve
Innervates masseter muscle, temporomandibular joint
Latin nervus massetericus

Is the masseteric nerve sensory or motor?

The masseteric nerve crosses the posterior part of the mandibular notch with the masseteric vessels to enter the deep surface of the masseter, to which it supplies motor fibers. It also provides a sensory branch to the TMJ.

What is the masseteric nerve a branch of?

mandibular division
The masseteric nerve or nerve to masseter is a motor branch of the anterior division of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve.

Which structures are innervated by the dorsal and ventral facial nerves?

The facial nucleus is divided into a dorsal and ventral region. It contains the cell bodies of the facial nerve lower motor neurons (LMN). The dorsal region supplies innervation of the muscles of the upper face, whereas neurons in the ventral region innervate muscles of the lower face.

What does masseteric artery supply?

The masseteric artery is small and passes lateralward through the mandibular notch to the deep surface of the Masseter. It supplies the muscle, and anastomoses with the masseteric branches of the external maxillary and with the transverse facial artery.

What is masseteric notch?

Just buccal to the crest of the mandibular ridge in the distal-buccal corner of the arch is an area known as the masseteric notch.

What is innervated by the facial nerve?

The main function of the facial nerve is motor control of all of the muscles of facial expression. It also innervates the posterior belly of the digastric muscle, the stylohyoid muscle, and the stapedius muscle of the middle ear.

What muscles are innervated by facial nerve?

Somatic motor fibers in the facial nerve are responsible for innervating the muscles of facial expression and muscles in the scalp (which are derived from the second pharyngeal arch), as well as the stapedius muscle in the ear, the posterior belly of the digastric muscle, and the stylohyoid muscle.

What nerve innervates the lateral pterygoid muscle?

The lateral pterygoid muscle receives innervation from the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve. The main trunk of the mandibular nerve divides into the anterior and the posterior division.

What is Auriculotemporal nerve?

Introduction. The auriculotemporal nerve is a tributary of the mandibular division of cranial nerve five, the trigeminal nerve. It contains sensory, vasomotor, and parasympathetic fibers.

How is masseteric notch formed?

It is due to the contraction of the masseter that a depression is formed at the distobuccal corner of the retromolar area. When the mouth is opened widely the borders in this area cut into the tissue, so it should be recorded with the mouth slightly opened.