What does wharekura mean?

Wharekura are schools that generally cater for students above year 8. However, there are some wharekura that include primary aged children.

What decile is NGA Taiatea?

decile 3
Nga Taiatea Wharekura, a decile 3 school in Rotokauri, Hamilton, has taken mainstream education, turned it on its head, and developed an approach to learning that caters to Maori.

How many Wharekuras are there in NZ?

According to the Ministry of Education’s Directory of Educational Institutions, there are currently 73 kura kaupapa Māori in total, of which 30 also provide schooling at wharekura level (www.tki.org.nz/e/schools, accessed .

What is a Māori kindergarten called?

What is Kohanga Reo? Kohanga Reo is an early childhood education and care (ECE) centre where all education and instruction is delivered in te reo maori (Maori language). At Kohanga Reo mokopuna (children) are totally immersed in Maori language and tikanga (culture) from birth through to the age of six.

Is Māori taught in New Zealand?

While Māori is one of New Zealand’s official languages and it has been taught in schools for many years, there have never been any curriculum guidelines for the subject. Teachers are also able to tailor the resources to suit the needs of their students.

Where does NZ rank in education?

“New Zealand retains its position as the number one English-speaking country in the ranking as well as its top ranking in the Asia-Pacific region….New Zealand tops English-speaking countries in Educating for the Future ranking.

Rank Economy Score
1 Finland 80.9
2 Switzerland 80.3
3 New Zealand 79.3
4 Sweden 78.1

How many Māori schools are in NZ?

305 schools
Māori-medium As at 1 July 2021, there were 305 schools with students enrolled in Māori medium, 11 more than in July 2020. Of these 305 schools, 104 had all eligible students in Māori medium and 161 also offered Māori language in English medium.

What does Ako mean in Māori?

to both teach and learn
The Māori kupu/word, ako means to both teach and learn. Ako represents a reciprocal non-hierarchical relationship between the student and the teacher. Ako acknowledges knowledge and experiences of both kaiako/teacher and akona/learner in the shared learning experience.

Is Māori a dying language?

Te Reo Māori, the Māori language, the indigenous language of New Zealand, is one of the most well known of the languages classified as being endangered.

Is Māori hard to learn?

Maori has been named one of the easiest language to learn, and Japanese one of the hardest.