What element in the fourth period has 3 3d electrons?

Scandium atomic number 21 is in the fourth period. s, p and d . 1st , 2st , 3rd and 4th . for a total of 3 valance electrons.

What element in period 4 has 3 valence electrons?

BORON FAMILY: All have 3 VALENCE ELECTRONS (electrons in the outer energy level) Boron is a METALLOID. The rest are metals.

What is period 4 on the periodic table?

The period 4 transition metals are scandium (Sc), titanium (Ti), vanadium (V), chromium (Cr), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), and zinc (Zn).

What is Group 3 period 4 on the periodic table?

Scandium (Sc) is the third element in the period, and is the first transition metal in the periodic table. Scandium is quite common in nature, but difficult to isolate because it is most prevalent in rare earth compounds, which are difficult to isolate elements from.

How many electron shells are in period 4?

four electron shells
Period 4 has 18 elements. Period 4 elements have electrons in the first four electron shells. All period 4 elements have one or more electrons in the fourth electron shell (valence electrons). When atomic number increases by one, another electron is added.

In which period of the periodic table is the fourth electron shell of an atom the valence shell?

period four
With this in mind, atoms in which the fourth electron shell is the valence shell will be found in period four. In which period of the periodic table is the fourth electron shell of an atom the valence shell? The answer is period four.

What is an element with 3 valence electrons?

Boron, Z=5 , has 3 valence electrons: 2s22p1 .

What element has electrons in 3 energy levels and a total of 3 pairs of electrons in the valence shell?

The arrangement of electrons in a lithium atom: Lithium (Li) has an atomic number of 3, meaning that in a neutral atom, the number of electrons will be 3. The energy levels are shown as concentric circles around the central nucleus, and the electrons are placed from the inside out.

What element has 3 electron shells?

lithium atom
A lithium atom, for example, has three electrons….Electron shells.

Energy shell Maximum number of electrons
Third 8

What element is in group 4 period 4?

Group 4 is the second group of transition metals in the periodic table. It contains the four elements titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr), hafnium (Hf), and rutherfordium (Rf). The group is also called the titanium group or titanium family after its lightest member….Group 4 element.


What are the orbitals in period 4?

Fourth period means the principal quantum number is 4 i.e there are 4 shells in the elements of the 4th period. and f sub shell contains 7 orbitals. So total number of orbitals in elements of 4th period is 30.