What episode is Ji Hyo in Running Man?

Song Ji-hyo was originally a guest for the second (episode 2–3) and third landmark (episode 4–5). She officially joined the program in the fourth landmark (episode 6) but was unable to attend until the fifth landmark (episode 7).

Why is Song Ji Hyo called ACE?

But don’t be fooled by her blank face – Song is also the star of the team. She’s called “Ace Ji-hyo” for her ability to accomplish difficult missions.

What happened to Song Ji-hyo from Running Man in 2017?

This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in 2017. The show airs on SBS as part of their Good Night lineup. Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook got water bombed and were picked as the 1st and 2nd runners respectively. Haha and Yoo Jae-suk were chosen to go into the ice water pond.

Who is Yoo Jae suk’s doppelganger on ‘Running Man’?

When actor Seo Ji Suk appeared as Yoo Jae Suk ’s doppelganger, the other members protested that they weren’t similar at all. When Seo Ji Suk tried on Yoo Jae Suk’s glasses, however, the members finally acknowledged the resemblance. Kim Jong Kook ’s look-alike was singer K.Will, who commented jokingly, “This is my first appearance on ‘Running Man.’

Why did the ‘Running Man’ cast meet their doppelgangers?

On the May 20 episode of SBS’s “ Running Man ,” the cast met their doppelgangers as part of a mission planned by HaHa. After HaHa won the show’s second contest to conceive and direct the content rating notice clip that airs at the beginning of each episode, the cast gathered at an amusement park to act out his idea for the clip.

How did Lee Kwang-soo choose Song Ji-hyo and Ji Suk-jin?

Lee Kwang-soo chose Song Ji-hyo to receive tea cup sets. Ji Suk-jin was chosen through a game of luck to receive the water shower penalty. Lee Joo-bin, Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan each received a Jeju black pork gift set.