What fitbit replaced the surge?

new Ionic
The Fitbit Surge has been superseded by the all-new Ionic and it’s now pitted against many more serious fitness trackers.

Is Fitbit Surge still supported?

Please note that we’ll continue to support Surge from a software standpoint, along with any questions you might have during your use of the product. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope we can continue to provide you with Fitbit devices you love and help you reach your goals.

How accurate is the Fitbit Surge?

One study found that the Fitbit Surge had the most accurate calories burned calculation among a group of similar devices, with an error rate just over 25%. The other similar devices tested had comparatively higher error rates – up to as much as 93%.

When was the Fitbit Surge discontinued?

The Surge was discontinued in late 2017 and was replaced by the Ionic.

How long does a Fitbit surge last?

The battery life has also received a major boost. The Surge previously lasted only 5 hours with an active GPS signal and heart-rate sensor enabled. The update doubles battery life to 10 hours, which is comparable to the Garmin Forerunner 225. Fitbit will also be adding a timer and stopwatch to the watch.

Is the surge fitbit waterproof?

Fitbit’s GPS-touting ‘superwatch’ Fitbit Surge is waterproof and according to the official specs, which list it at 5ATM, okay for a depth of 50 meters or 164 feet, it matches the Apple Watch 3, Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel.

Why is my Fitbit Surge dying so fast?

It may be that the Surge wasn’t charging the whole time it was plugged in, as the connection can sometimes be a bit loose. I would suggest plugging it in again and charging it until you get a notice from your Fitbit app that it is fully charged.

Does the Mio fuse measure sleep?

Finally, when it comes to sleep (found on some other activity trackers), the Mio Fuse does not at this time measure sleep. The second major new function that previous Mio optical HR sensor devices lacked is a workout mode that stored/saved and uploaded the workouts.

Is the Fitbit Surge worth it?

The Best From Fitbit Yet The Surge is a wonderful activity tracker that elevates the Fitbit brand a tremendous degree. For the first time, it offers runners and other exercise enthusiasts the more advanced functionality they expect from a GPS watch.

Do I need a phone to use the Mio fuse?

So basically Today the main selling point of the Fuse is to enable you to see your HR in real time and to have a basic overview in the MIO Go app. Unless of course you do record your workouts with another app but in that case you do need to take the phone along.

Is the Garmin Vivofit more accurate than the Mio fuse?

As noticed by many, the number of steps I am getting from the Mio Fuse is lower than from the Garmin Vivofit. Based on what I am seeing, to avoid over estimating, the Mio Fuse seem to drop most of the random steps (e.g. walking from desk to coffee machine) but seem pretty accurate when walking non-stop for a few minutes or more.