What happened in the 1979 Fastnet Race?

Back in 1979, Ted Turner’s Tenacious won the Fastnet Race, with a corrected time of 3 days 8 hours. Over the last 30 years the average speed across the 605-mile Fastnet course has increased phenomenally: at the elite end, the fastest Ultime trimarans complete the course in just a third of Tenacious’s time.

How many died in the Fastnet Race?

19 people
Forty years ago, 19 people died in what became the worst disaster in ocean racing history. More than 300 boats, carrying 2,500 sailors, set off from Cowes for the biennial race to Fastnet rock in southern Ireland.

How many died at Fastnet in 1979?

19 fatalities
In 1979, it was the climax of the five-race Admiral’s Cup competition, as it had been since 1957. A worse-than-expected storm on the third day of the race wreaked havoc on over 303 yachts that started the biennial race, resulting in 19 fatalities (15 yachtsmen and four spectators).

What is the Fastnet sailing race?

Founded in 1925, the Rolex Fastnet Race is a biennial offshore yacht race organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club of the United Kingdom with the assistance of the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes and the city of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin in France. The race is named after the Fastnet Rock, which the race course rounds.

What was the name of the storm that hit the Fastnet Race?

BBC ON THIS DAY | 14 | 1979: Freak storm hits yacht race. Dozens of yachts have been lost and at least three people killed after a freak storm blew up in the Irish Sea during the Fastnet yacht race.

How many boats are in the Fastnet Race?

450 boats
In total 450 boats will compete, including entries in the Class 40, IMOCA 60, Volvo Ocean 65 and Multihull grand prix classes.

How long does the Fastnet race take?

The Rolex Fastnet Race is one of the world’s most prestigious and challenging Races yacht races. Since its establishment in 1925 the Fastnet Race has provided thousands of sailors with the ultimate challenge of rounding the Fastnet Rock. Racing hard for over 600 miles for five days gives this race its tough reputation.

Has Fastnet Race finished?

Le Loup Rouge of Cmn arrives safely in harbour. The Rolex Fastnet Race has officially come to an end.

What does Fastnet mean?

Fastnet (netball), a variation of the rules of netball used primarily in the World Netball Series. Fastnet Race, one of the four or so most prestigious ocean races in competitive sailing.

What category is the Fastnet Race?

Category 2
The Rolex Fastnet Race is organised in accordance with Category 2 of the World Sailing Special Regulations with RORC Prescriptions. Please view the Offshore Special Regulations and RORC Prescriptions online to see what you need to do to prepare your entry.

How many boats are in Fastnet?

In total 450 boats will compete, including entries in the Class 40, IMOCA 60, Volvo Ocean 65 and Multihull grand prix classes. 5. The main trophy for overall winner of the Rolex Fastnet is called the Fastnet Challenge Cup.

Where is the Fastnet Race?

The Fastnet Race takes place every two years over a course of 608 nautical miles (1,126 km). The race starts off Cowes on the Isle of Wight on the south coast of England at the Royal Yacht Squadron.

1979 Fastnet Race. A severe storm during the 1979 race resulted in the deaths of nineteen people (fifteen competing yachtsmen and four rescuers) and the involvement of some 4,000 others in what became the largest ever rescue operation in peacetime. This led to a major overhaul of the rules and the equipment required for the competition.

What is the history of the Fastnet Race?

The 1979 Fastnet Race was the 28th Royal Ocean Racing Club ‘s Fastnet Race, a yachting race held generally every two years since 1925 on a 605-mile course from Cowes direct to the Fastnet Rock and then to Plymouth via south of the Isles of Scilly. In 1979, it was the climax of the five-race Admiral’s Cup competition,…

What are the best books about the 1979 Fastnet Race?

Left for Dead: The Untold Story of the Tragic 1979 Fastnet Race. A & C Black. ISBN 978-0-7136-8936-5. Wettern, Desmond (20 August 1979) Fastnet race rescue operation involved 4,000 people The Daily Telegraph, p. 2. Mayers, Adams (2007). Beyond Endurance: 300 Boats, 600 Miles, and One Deadly Storm.

What happened at the 2017 Fastnet Race?

The 2017 Fastnet Race started on 6 August 2017 and featured all 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race Teams. Yachts longer than 100 feet were also allowed to race. IRC Overall: Lann Ael 2, a JNA 39 owned by Didier Gaudoux.