What happened Reggae Sunsplash?

The festival ran annually until 1996, with a final event in 1998, before it was revived in 2006. The festival returned for a virtual staging in 2020 produced by Tyrone Wilson, Randy Mclaren and Debbie Bissoon. Reggae, dancehall, etc.

Where is rototom?


Rototom Sunsplash
Genre Reggae
Dates August 16–22, 2022
Location(s) Benicàssim, Valencian Community, Spain
Years active 1994—present

What is Reggae Sumfest?

Reggae Sumfest is the largest music festival in Jamaica and the Caribbean, taking place each year in mid-July in Montego Bay each year. The festival started in 1993….Reggae Sumfest.

Name of partner Type of entity
DownSound Records along provate and public partnerships Private Sector

What are the biggest festivals in Europe?

Tomorrowland. Boom – Belgium.

  • Sziget Festival. Budapest – Hungary.
  • Exit Festival. Novi Sad – Serbia.
  • NOS Primavera Sound. Porto – Portugal.
  • Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury – UK.
  • Rock in Roma. Roma – Italy.
  • Colours of Ostrava. Ostrava – Czech Republic.
  • Soundwave Festival. Tisno – Croatia.
  • What is the world’s biggest music festival?

    Also called the “Danube Island Festival,” Donauinselfest is the world’s biggest music festival. It takes place annually in Vienna on an island in the middle of the River Danube.

    Where Is Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica?

    Reggae Sunsplash of Jamaica, the great music festival that set the model for reggae festivals around the world, will return in November 2020, after an absence of 14 years. Reggae Sunsplash 2020 will be held at… More. Ann, a spacious outdoor location located near Ocho Rios on the north coast of Jamaica.

    Where in Spain is Benicassim?

    province of Castelló
    Benicàssim (Valencian pronunciation: [beniˈkasim], Spanish: Benicasim Spanish pronunciation: [benikaˈsim], Arabic: بنو قاسم according to numismatic findings) is a municipality and beach resort located in the province of Castelló, on the Costa del Azahar in Spain….

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    Where is Reggae Sumfest located?

    Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Reggae Sumfest
    Location(s) Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Years active 1993-present
    Founded by Summerfest Productions Limited Current Producers = DownSound Entertainment Ltd.
    Attendance 30,000 plus

    Who started Reggae Sumfest?

    Robert Russell
    As per reports, Robert Russell helped found the Reggae Sumfest festival in 1993.

    What is the biggest music festival in the UK?

    Glastonbury is one of the longest-running, biggest, and most iconic UK Music Festivals, and 2022 is set to be a HUGE return as they were forced to cancel the last two editions. Why tickets are extremely hard to come by, Glastonbury should be at the top of your festival bucket list!

    How much is sumfest tickets?

    Ticket prices can range from $20 to over $300 depending on the ticket purchased.

    Where are the reggae festivals in 2019?

    October 2019 10/25/2019 Reggae in Paradise – Kailua-Kona 2020 Kailua-Kona, HI, United States 10/25 – 10/27 2019 World Creole Music Festival – Dominica 2019 Roseau, Dominica 10/25 – 10/26 2019 Roots’Ergue Festival 2019 Sauveterre De Rouergue, France 10/26/2019 Reggae in Paradise – Honolulu 2020 Honolulu, HI, United States

    Why Reggae Jam festival is the best in Europe?

    Reggae Jam Festival is known as one of the oldest Reggae festivals in Europe. The festival that is held for more than 25 years attracts, every year, more than twenty thousand music lovers’ locals and guests from lot of countries. The festival is a great fiesta that host international artists from Jamaica and other countries.

    Where is the best place to go reggae in Europe?

    It goes without saying that the spiritual home of reggae, and the place that still plays host to its most revered festivals, is the Caribbean (Jamaica in particular). But that’s not to say there aren’t any options for the European reggae fan.

    When did reggae music become popular at electronic music festivals?

    With the introduction of the electronic reggae genre ragga in the 1980s, reggae began to be featured at electronic music festivals as well. Splash! Wikimedia Commons has media related to Reggae festivals.