What happened Stella Nox Fleuret?

After a lot of consideration, the team decided not to include Stella and go with a new character named Luna, who has a different role in the story. Developers felt uncomfortable working on a well-known character if they had to completely change their role, and this is why they decided to change the character.

Is Prompto a human?

Fast friends with Noctis since they met as teenagers, Prompto is a young man of common birth who finds himself out of his depth when tragedy befalls Lucis.

Did Noctis became a god?

Everything and everyone feeds off Noctis; he is a god, but he is a slave, a slave to fate. The potions and the elixirs that heal him and his friends would be simple sodas if not for the magic that they too draw from him.

What was the original story of FFXV?

The story of Final Fantasy XV follows Prince Noctis and his friends as he embarks on a journey to reclaim his kingdom that has been invaded by the empire of Niflheim. He discovers he is on a quest to combat the powers of darkness with the powers of light only the Lucian lineage of kings can wield.

Who is Gentiana FFXV?

Gentiana. Shiva lives in the world as Gentiana, the High Messenger who stays by the Oracle Lunafreya Nox Fleuret’s side. Whereas the Oracle can commune with the gods to deliver mankind’s message to them, Gentiana does the same for the gods.

Are Prompto and cloud related?

Prompto and Cloud are brothers has been made a synonym of Prompto Argentum and Cloud Strife are Siblings.

Is Ignis completely blind?

According to developer interviews in Final Fantasy XV Official Works, Ignis only lost his eyesight rather than his life due to his strong will to protect Noctis, a person the kings of yore could not afford to lose.

Is Noctis stronger than cloud?

Cloud is faster and more durable than Noctis, and he can swing a gigantic sword as quickly as Noctis can swing a normal sword — if not faster. Meanwhile, Noctis can swap between weapons on the fly, which lets him quickly switch between offense and defense.

Does Iris like Noctis?

She is a strong girl at her core who tries to remain positive even in tough situations. She is independent and headstrong. Iris has had a crush on Noctis ever since they first met as children, but knows their stars are not meant to align and thus vows to never act on her unrequited feelings.

Why was Nomura removed from FFXV?

Hazmer gave this answer on Nomura: He was never kicked out, in fact far from it. He has to pay full attention to Kingdom Hearts III, another game that is in dire need for release, so the company has left the rest of the production of FFXV to my director Tabata-san.” This type of answer makes sense.

Why does Gentiana have her eyes closed?

A Reality based on Fantasy Anonymous asked: Why does Gentiana usually have her eyes closed? Short answer: It was a character design decision, to make her appear more mysterious.