What happened to Ronaldo 1998 World Cup?

The player was then sent to hospital for neurological tests, which everyone thought would rule him out of playing. The tests came back normal and Toledo, another medic, coach Mario Zagallo and a determined Ronaldo decided the between them that he was fit enough to play.

What happened to Ronaldo Brazil 1998?

At the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Ronaldo received the Golden Ball for player of the tournament, helping Brazil reach the final where he suffered a convulsive fit hours before kick-off. He won the 2002 FIFA World Cup where he starred in a front three with Ronaldinho and Rivaldo.

How many did Ronaldo score for Real Madrid?

Goals: 451 He netted 451 times in 438 competitive appearances with Real Madrid (averaging over a goal a game).

What people said about r9?

“He was a formidable player, a sensational player. He was sort of like an alien because of what he could do on the pitch. The fact that a footballer like him is not remembered as the best player of all time is a great tragedy in my opinion. He had all the skills he needed to be the best ever.”

Was Ronaldo drugged 1998?

Ronaldo was drugged The striker’s indisposition on the day of the final was the result of sabotage by France, who wanted to put out Brazil’s best player.

What was Ronaldo’s highest FIFA rating?

Who are the best players in FIFA 22?

Rank Player FIFA 22 rating
1 Lionel Messi 93
2 Robert Lewandowski 92
=3 Cristiano Ronaldo 91
=3 Kevin De Bruyne 91

What is Ronaldo’s highest FIFA card?

Since the launch of FIFA Ultimate Team, Ronaldo’s form has been so incredible that he has had over 40 different upgraded versions. This has included editions with the maximum 99 rating in FIFA 16, FIFA 17, and two different 99 cards in FIFA 18! With his 94 base card, Ronaldo is the best player in FIFA 18.

Who is Real Madrid top scorer of all-time?

Cristiano Ronaldo
Benzema is now 128 goals shy of the 451 scored by Real Madrid’s all-time top-scorer Cristiano Ronaldo, who played at the club until 2018.

Who is better r9 or cr7?

Two of the greatest football players in history share the ‘Ronaldo’ name but opinions are split as to which one was superior. But according to Christian Vieri, Ronaldo Nazario was way better than Cristiano Ronaldo despite the Portuguese superstar winning five Ballon d’Ors and scoring over 800 career goals.