What happened to the R&B group Silk?

Silk became known throughout the 90’s as one of the premiere r&b groups, and found their biggest success with the song “Freak Me”. They last released the album “Always & Forever” in 2006, but recently announced their comeback with the new single “Love 4 U 2 Like Me” and released the album “Quiet Storm” in 2016.

Who are the members of the R&B group Silk?

Silk (group)

Years active 1989–present
Labels Elektra Liquid 8 Shanachie Silk Music Group
Associated acts Keith Sweat, Tamar Braxton, Gerald Levert, Darrell “Delite” Allamby, Link, Heavy D, Soulshock & Karlin
Members Tim “Timzo” Cameron Jimmy Gates Gary “Big G” Glenn Johnathen “John-John” Rasboro Gary “Lil G” Jenkins

What was Silk first song?

Track listing

No. Title Music
1. “Hooked on You” Jones, Karlin, Martin, Soulshock
2. “Because of Your Love” Chambers, Karlin, Soulshock
3. “It’s So Good” Karlin, Martin, Soulshock
4. “Don’t Rush” Jenkins, Stewart

What happened to Kenny Greene?

Death. In a 2001 interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, Greene revealed that he was bisexual and that he was suffering from AIDS. He died in New York City at the age of 32 due to complications of the disease.

Who was the lead singer of Silk?

Gary “Lil G” Jenkins
Gary “Lil G” Jenkins is an American musician. He is the lead singer of the R&B group Silk. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, he is the youngest of seven children.

Was Keith Sweat in a group?

LSG1997 – 2003Black Men UnitedGQ
Keith Sweat/Music groups

Where is the R&B group silk from?

Atlanta, GASilk / Origin

Who was the lead singer of silk?