What happened to Vernon Presleys second wife?

Dee Stanley, Former wife of Elvis’ Father, Vernon Presley; passed away September 28, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

What did Dee Stanley say about Elvis?

‘Elvis was a drug addict and none of us could admit it until after he was gone’, she said. ‘There wasn’t a person in the world that would say no to him. If there was a woman or man strong enough, Elvis would be alive today’. She blamed him for leading her sons into drug abuse too.

Why did Elvis call Priscilla Satnin?

It was while on a date in Memphis in May 1956 that Elvis first called June, “My beautiful little Satnin.” When she asked where the term came from, he explained: “She (his mother) used to sing to me when I was little.

What happened to Rick Stanley?

Rick Stanley, who died Jan. 7 at Aiken Regional Medical Centers, was a stepbrother to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. He also was the associate pastor and minister of music at Eureka First Baptist Church.

Did Elvis get along with his stepmother?

It is a widely-chronicled fact that Elvis Presley worshipped his mother, Gladys. When she died in 1958 aged 46 and his father remarried less than two years later, it is hardly surprising that the singer never got along with his stepmother, Dee Stanley Presley.

Did Elvis get along with his father?

As the only surviving child, Elvis was very close to his parents – he was the focus of all his parents’ affection and he thrived. Elvis shared a special bond with his father. Elvis always referred to his father as, “daddy”, and his dad referred to Elvis to everyone as “the boy”.

What did Elvis friends call him?

Alan Fortas said Elvis called Lamar “Mr. Bull,” then later “Lardass,” “The Wrestler,” “Buddha” and “The Great Speckled Bird.” According to Lamar, “Sometimes as a term of affection, he’d call me ‘Birdy. ‘ I guess it was because my eyes were big, like an owl’s.”

Who did Elvis Date Anita?

Anita Marie Wood Brewer
Anita Marie Wood Brewer was a TV performer, recording artist and girlfriend to Elvis Presley. She later married NFL football player Johnny Brewer. Elvis Presley and Anita Wood met in 1957 and in the same year Elvis referred to Wood as his ‘No. 1 Girl’.

Is Dee Stanley still alive?

September 28, 2013Davada “Dee” Stanley / Died