What happens if you let Alva live in Skyrim?

Alternatively, if Alva survived after completing “Laid to Rest,” she can be found sleeping inside the coffin in her house and neutral to the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn can then choose to pickpocket her Tavern Clothes with Perfect Touch perk as a means of obtaining Tavern Clothes whilst keeping her alive.

How do you complete the quest laid to rest in Skyrim?


  1. Talk to the Jarl.
  2. Investigate the burned house.
  3. Find Helgi after dark.
  4. Ask Thonnir about Laelette.
  5. Investigate Alva’s house.
  6. Show Alva’s Journal to the Jarl.
  7. Kill the master vampire.
  8. Return to Morthal’s Jarl.

Can you clear Movarth’s lair?

Movarth’s Lair cannot be cleared, as none of its inhabitants have the “Boss” Loc Ref Type .

Does Movarth’s Lair Respawn?

Movarth’s Boots can be found inside Movarth’s Lair. They are found alongside a large collection of different boots next to what is presumably Movarth’s bed. If killed, Movarth respawns along with the rest of the dungeon every few in-game days.

Why can’t I disenchant Movarth’s boots?

The enchantment is considered unique, and thus Movarth’s Boots cannot be disenchanted.

Can you save Laelette?

PC If Laelette is resurrected and converted to friendly during the quest under Console Commands, she will walk back to where she spawned, and her inventory cannot be pickpocketed. PC If Laelette is spawned via Console Commands, she will stay as always hostile regardless Actor Value and Faction.

Where is movarth’s lair in Skyrim?

Skyrim:Movarth’s Lair. Movarth’s Lair is a small cave north of Morthal inhabited by vampires. There is an exterior zone, and one interior zone to the cave, which is separated into a number of rooms.

Why can’t I clear movarth’s lair?

Movarth’s Lair cannot be cleared, as none of its inhabitants have the “Boss” Loc Ref Type . This bug is fixed by version 1.3.2 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

Where can I find the Vampire movarth?

Movarth’s Lair is a cave located in North Western Skyrim. You can find it by traveling North of Morthal . The cave is full of vampires, and can be cleared out using archery and stealth. If you go in slowly there are many shadows from which to take down most of the vampires . The vampire Movarth can be found there.

What is the laid to rest quest in Skyrim?

The Laid to Rest quest in Skyrim is arguably the most significant thing you’ll be doing in Morthal as there isn’t too much to this quiet swamp town. With the constant twists in this quest, you’ll want to see how it plays out — and ultimately, how it ends.