What happens if your follower dies in Skyrim?

If your follower dies, they get a tomb in the catacombs in Whiterun : r/skyrim.

How do you get Kharjo back?

The easiest way to find him again is to wait at the small camp next to Riften Stables. If you keep waiting for 6-12 hours at a time, he will show up after a few days at the most.

Can Kharjo be killed?

Kharjo, like other Khajiit, cannot be married, or become a Steward. Kharjo can be killed and the Dragonborn can take his steel plate armor and any other item he was carrying.

Can you revive a dead companion in Skyrim?

There is no way to resurrect lost companions. Any NPC who dies is dead forever. In the mission where you retrieve the skeleton key, you have 2 companions who “pass out” when they have no health left and come back when their health regenerates.

Can you marry Khajiit?

You can now marry any of the Caravan Khajiit or J’zargo without any console commands. … Choose to live with your Khajiit instead, and the objective to live with him or her will appear. If your Khajiit has a house, perfect.

Are there any female Khajiit followers in Skyrim?

About this mod Adds a female Khajiit named Shiira as a follower and marriage candidate. She is found at the Ragged Flaggon. She is a Rogue and she lvl up with you, she starts at lvl 15.

How do you find a lost companion in Skyrim?

You just need to be patient… Make sure you have a save available before he disappeared, then do what Purrington said, or wait for three days. By then, it should say “Your follower tires of the waiting” or something like that, in which case he will return to his starting place.

Does Lydia stay dead Skyrim?

When dead, her body will not disappear or move, so go to where you last saw her alive. You cannot use console commands to bring her body to you, unfortunately.

Who is kharjo in Skyrim?

Kharjo is a Khajiit warrior found traveling alongside Ahkari. He, along with Dro’marash, works as a guard protecting Ahkari and Zaynabi . As a member of the Khajiit Caravans, Kharjo travels the many trade routes of Skyrim.

Can the dragonborn kill kharjo?

Kharjo can be killed and the Dragonborn can take his steel plate armor and any other item he was carrying. Kharjo will refer to Ahkari as “he”, despite being female. This section contains bugs related to Kharjo.

How do I get kharjo in the blades?

Kharjo can be recruited into the Blades. He will no longer wander around Skyrim following the Khajiit Caravans, instead adopting a more stationary life at Sky Haven Temple. Upon joining the Blades, his default Steel Plate Armor is replaced by Blades Armor .

What happens when you dismiss kharjo?

PC After one dismisses Kharjo, he will begin running away as opposed to walking as any other follower would. After he breaks line of sight, he will instantly teleport back to his caravan, making it very frustrating if one is trying to quickly give something to another follower.