What Instructure means?

Speaking of Latin and architecture, the word Instructure is actually derived from Latin. It’s a combination of the Latin word instructus which means “to teach” and structure which means “to build”. Devlin Daley and Brian Whitmer came up with this name when the company was founded.

How do I access my Canvas account?

In a browser window, enter your Canvas URL. Your Canvas login page will appear in the window. Note: The URL for Canvas Network is learn.canvas.net. The URL for Free-For-Teachers (FFT) is canvas.instructure.com.

What is Instructure app?

The Canvas by Instructure app is the mobile version of Canvas that helps you stay current with your courses anywhere you go. Download the FREE Canvas app on Android and iOS devices.

What does Instructure cost?

The annual fee is $299 per year per user.

How do you spell instructure?

Instructure is a technology company that is focused on improving education.

How do students use Canvas?

Canvas easily connects instructors and students and is used to monitor grades, manage active enrollments and assignment submissions, share course documents, facilitate message correspondence between students and instructors and contain course and institutional syllabus information for all to access.

How do I find my school on Canvas app?

How do I log in to the Student app on my Android device with a Canvas URL?

  1. Open Canvas Student. Open your Android device and tap the Canvas Student icon.
  2. Find Institution. Click the Find My School button [1].
  3. Enter Login Credentials.
  4. View Dashboard.

Who owns Instructure?

Thoma BravoInstructure / Parent organization

How does Instructure make money?

Most of that revenue came from subscriptions and support services. Instructure has more than 4,000 customers, which includes learning institutions and companies. Still, the company slightly lowered its expected revenue for the year to between $257.1 million and $258.1 million.

How does instructure make money?