What is a boost bottle for motorized bicycle?

Adding a boost bottle kit to your engine is one of the most cost effective upgrades out there. It is designed to expand your intake area on your engine by storing atomized fuel molecules in its chamber and forcing them into your engine while you are off and on the throttle.

What is a power boost bottle for a 2-stroke?

In essence, a properly designed boost bottle is like a mini supercharger, providing not only a place for excess fuel to go, but an extra fuel supply when the vacuum of the engine goes in the correct direction. Its effects are felt primarily in the mid-range.

What does banshee boost bottle do?

Boost bottles do absolutly nothing, but make your intake manifold crack (over time) and its a waste of money!!!!! BTW, you cannot bore a banshee to a 440 or whatever–the correct term is re-sleeving it to a 420 etc….

What does a boost bottle do on a snowmobile?

Ski-Doo calls it an “intake resonator”, but most of us call it a “boost bottle”. This is a small plastic bottle that connects the intake tract of the carburetors on a 2-stroke. It is used to improve low end and mid range power slightly by cleaning up the calibration.

How does a YEIS work?

YEIS stands for Yamaha Energy Induction System and it first appeared on the YZs and ITs back in the 80’s. It is a method to boost low RPM power by increasing the reed to carb volume. Theoretically it can be designed to boost power at high RPM also.

What is YEIS in Yamaha?

This literature discusses the Yamaha Energy Induction System (YEIS), a simple modification of the intake system that has successfully eliminated the trough of torque; thus both engine performance and fuel economy have been greatly improved.

What does YEIS mean?


Acronym Definition
YEIS Yamaha Energy Induction System