What is a dissociative reference group?

a group with whom an individual does not wish to be associated; a group whose use of a product will deter other buyers.

What is an example of a dissociative reference group?

Dissociative reference groups are people that we don’t want to be like. For instance, someone may want to distance themselves from so-called ”nerds” or politically left- or right-leaning folks.

What is a non aspirational reference group?

Reference Groups An aspirational group is a reference group that an individual wishes to join, while a non-aspirational group is a reference group that an individual wishes to detach him or herself from.

What is a reference group in consumer behavior?

Meaning and Nature: “Reference Group is a group that serves as a reference point for an individual in the formation of his/her beliefs, attitudes and behaviour.” Marketers frequently advertise their products in a group setting- the family eating breakfast cereals, the neighbor admiring the paint of the house.

What are primary and secondary reference groups?

Primary groups are generally small and include intimate relationships, while secondary groups are larger and more impersonal. Reference groups provide a standard for guiding and evaluating our attitudes and behaviors.

What is an aspirational reference group?

a sub-category of a reference group, consisting of individuals (not necessarily known personally) with whom a person desires to be associated.

How does reference group influence consumer decision process?

Reference groups are considered a social influence in consumer purchasing. They are often groups that consumers will look to to make purchasing decisions. So if a reference group endorses a product, either through use or statements about the product, those that look to the group will often purchase that product.

What are aspirational groups examples?

An aspirational group may be an actual group characterized by interaction and interpersonal structures (e.g., a professional association, a sports team) or an aggregation of individuals who are thought to possess one or more shared similarities (e.g., the rich, intellectuals).