What is a drop arm on a car?

A Drop Arm, or Pitman Arm as it is also known, is a component linked to the steering gear to the drag link. It converts the motion it receives from the steering gear into the drag link, causing it to move left or forward and aft to turn the steering mechanism of the vehicle in the required direction.

How do you adjust a series 3 steering box?

To adjust the steering box, make sure the box is in the straight ahead position. Remove the mudshield steering box cover under the wing and slacken the lock nut onthe drain plug/adjuster. Gently tighten the adjuster until rocking thesteering wheel produces no knock at the wheel.

What is a drop pitman arm?

Drop pitman arms helps bring the drag link back into correct alignment and in line with the track bar. This helps eliminate steering problems you might be having. These are great for lifted vehicles and are cast metal.

Is a pitman arm and idler arm the same thing?

Generally, an idler arm is attached between the opposite side of the center link from the Pitman arm and the vehicle’s frame to hold the center link at the proper height. Idler arms are generally more vulnerable to wear than Pitman arms because of the pivot function built into them.

How do you adjust a Land Rover steering box?

requires adjusting.

  1. Loosen lock nut on steering box adjuster and. tighten adjuster until movement is removed at.
  2. When adjustment is correct, hold the adjuster. and tighten adjuster locknut.
  3. Turn steering wheel from lock to lock and check.
  4. Fit drag link to drop arm, and tighten nut to 80.
  5. Remove stands and lower vehicle.

Do Land Rover Defenders have power steering?

You can’t drive with the diff locked above 40mph but can swap between high and low range at less than 5mph. This time, there are new spring and damper settings, revised castor geometry and revalved power steering.

Do I need a drop pitman arm?

You only need a drop pitman arm if you have a dropped track bar bracket. They have to be parallel.

How to remove drop arm from Defender 110?

Need to remove the drop arm on my defender 110, have tried a two legged puller, but have failed, has anyone local to gravesend in kent got a better type of puller, or any ideas in removing it. More sharing options… Depending on what you are going to do with the arm I would suggest to cut it off with a grinder and a thin cutting disc.

How do you remove the steering drop arm?

Set up a mild small blow torch on the end of the cut drop arm. The shaft of the steering box hardly got warm. The drop arm came off after about 5 mins of heat with a massive bang. Heat is the secret and you don’t need very much to get the drop arm to expand a little to pop off.

How do you remove the drop arm from the box?

There’s only three ways to remove the drop arm. With a good hydraulic puller, box off and in a press or cut the thing off. Belting it with a big hammer just transfers the force into the box and you’re asking to break something.

Where can I find other Land Rover owners?

LandyZone is the biggest Land Rover forum on the net. We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your Land Rover or just want to connect with other Landy owners, you’re in the right place.