What is a regula cuckoo clock?

Regula are one of the only two major cuckoo clock movement manufacturers left in the mystical Black Forest in Germany (the other being Hubert Herr) and have been manufacturing mechanical cuckoo movements for decades.

Who is the best cuckoo clock maker?

Who Makes the Best Cuckoo Clocks?

  • What Are the Best Cuckoo Clock Brands? The best cuckoo clock brands are those that have a passion for the craftsmanship of traditional cuckoo clocks, a symbol of the Black Forest in Germany across the world.
  • Anton Schneider.
  • Trenkle Uhren.
  • August Schwer.
  • Rombach & Haas (Romba)
  • HEKAS.

How can you tell a Regula movement?

If the clock has two weights that run the movement, identifying it as a Regula is simple. When we say two weights, it means on the movement only. There may be three weights on the clock, but only two weights are on the movement itself. In other words, there are three train movements that take three weights.

How do I know if my cuckoo clock is 8 days?

You can recognize a clock with eight-day movement by the larger pine cones (weights). A cuckoo clock with one-day movement runs for about 30 hours before you have to wind it again. Remember to hang the clock high enough (about 6-1/2 feet high), otherwise you have to wind it more frequently.

What should I look for in a cuckoo clock?

All cuckoo clocks will have a cuckoo bird. The depth of a cuckoos call will vary depending on the size of the clock, bellows, and pipes. Higher priced clocks occasionally have birds that flap their wings as they call. Most clocks with animated characters will play music and have 3 weights.

What makes a cuckoo clock a Regula?

Most cuckoo clocks made after 1950 have movements that are made by the Regula cuckoo clock movement company. Any cuckoo clock made after this time has an 80 percent chance of being a Regula.

Where are cuckoo clock movements made?

Both of these are the most common cuckoo clock movements made in the world. The 25 or 34 identification stamp alone means it was made by the Regula factory in Germany. The two train, two weight movements come in two styles.

Where is the pendulum on a Regula cuckoo?

The pendulum on a Regula cuckoo is from the top of the movement to the center of the leaf. The movement will be stamped with this number usually. It will be stamped with a CM length usually on the left side of the back plate.