What is a sort copy?

Copy-sort definition Filters. (advertising) An advertising research technique measuring individual phrases and verbal ideas in a commercial by the audience’s levels of attention or recall, relevance, and feelings.

How to COPY records in JCL?

JCL for copying data sets directly. The JCL for a copy application is the same as for a sort, except that you do not need dynamic allocation of work data sets or SORTWKdd DD statements. You can use SORT FIELDS=COPY or MERGE FIELDS=COPY instead of OPTION COPY to produce the same results.

What is the difference between stack and sort?

Use [Sort] when placing multiple page document to maintain page order – Same as [Collate]. When a finisher is installed with the device the machine will output the document in the Sort/Shift Sort order, separating the first set from the next set. STACK – groups together copies of each page in a multi-page original.

What is Catlg in JCL?

CATLG : The dataset is retained with a entry in the system catalog. UNCATLG : The dataset is retained but system catalog entry is removed. KEEP : The dataset is retained without changing any of the catalog entries. KEEP is the only valid disposition for VSAM files.

For what purpose is hash order group used?

GROUPBY HASH is used for any query that does not comply with GROUP BY PIPELINED sort order requirements. In this case, Vertica must build a hash table on GROUP BY columns before it can start grouping the data.

Which is faster sorted or sort?

sort is 13% faster than sorted .

Is sort () or sorted () faster?

sort() is about 2% faster than sorted() , which would make sense due to the copying overhead.

Can referback technique extend beyond a single JCL?

This referback technique can extend beyond a single jcl also. i.e, you can refer the dataset created in different procedure also. hope it helps. Big help, If you can provide a code line on referback.

What is IEBCOPY in JCL?

IEBCOPY in JCL tutorial, IEBCOPY examples and sample JCL/JOB IEBCOPY is a copy utility that is used to perform copy functionalities for PDS and PDSE datasets. Copy all or Selected members from one PDS to another. Create multiple PDS in a single IEBCOPY job from one input PDS.

What is the difference between a jcllib and a proclib?

COPYLIB is an optional Private library where the Copybooks which are used in the programs are kept. PROCLIB is often a system defined library where the load modules of the programs will be searched only if the JCLLIB does not contain the load module of the program.