What is a upass DePaul?

U-Pass @ DePaul ​​Your Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains during the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters. Details about U-Pass distribution, Opt-Out, and important dates.

Does U-Pass work with Metra?

Can I use my U-Pass on Metra or Pace? A U-Pass may only be used on Pace buses if you have added your own fare to the card. U-Passes cannot be used on Metra at all.

Does CTA have express trains?

Not only does running an express train allow that first train after the delay to get ahead and fill a gap in service, it also helps to alleviate the congestion effects behind the delay so more trains can get moving more quickly, at once.

Can you take the L to the United Center?

The BLUE LINE is the first Chicago ‘L’ that goes to United Center in Chicago. It stops nearby at 3:19 AM.

How do I get a upass from DePaul?

Students must be enrolled in at least one course and complete the opt-in form no later than July 20. Students who choose to opt into the U-Pass program will be charged $86. The opt-in form and U-Pass information are available at upass.depaul.edu.

Does DePaul U-Pass work during winter break?

Your Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains during the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters.

How do I use ventra U-Pass?

You can load value onto your card at any Ventra Vending Machine, at hundreds of Ventra Retail Locations, over the phone, or at www.ventrachicago.com. When you’re back in school full time, U-Pass riding privileges become available again, automatically, at the start of the session. Don’t throw your card away.

Are express trains faster?

An express train is one where the average speed, excluding halts, is greater than 42 km/h. Including halts the average speed often is below 42 km/h. Although this is pretty slow as compared to international standards, the “Express” trains here mean faster than the ordinary passenger and local trains.

What does it mean for a train to run Express?

Express trains are a form of rail service. Express trains make only a small number of stops, instead of stopping at every single station. In some cases, trains run express where there is overlapping local train service available, and run local at the tail ends of the line, where there is no supplemental local service.

How do I get to CTA United Center?

United Center The stadium is just a few blocks north of the Illinois Medical District stop on the CTA Blue Line. The shortest walk is by exiting the station to Damen Avenue (western-most exit) and walk north on Damen to Madison.

Does the L go to Soldier Field?

The RED LINE is the last Chicago ‘L’ that goes to Soldier Field in Chicago. It stops nearby at 3:26 AM.

Where can I buy West Coast Express tickets or passes?

West Coast Express passes can be bought online, at a CVM at WCE stations, or in-person at the Compass Customer Service Centre. Tickets can only be bought at select CVMs. Details on where to purchase a ticket or pass can be found on the Where to Buy page.

How does the West Coast Express AddFare work with stored value?

For example, if you originally paid with Stored Value on bus and are transferring to WCE, your WCE fare would be discounted by the cost of a 1-Zone fare for this payment type. Conventional Monthly Pass, DayPass, and Stored Value holders pay the West Coast Express AddFare when transferring onto WCE.

Does the West Coast Express run on weekdays?

The service of the West Coast Express runs on weekdays with the exception of public holidays. There are five services that operate daily between Vancouver and Mission during the morning as well as the evening peak hours. A one-way journey is typically completed in seventy-five minutes, much faster as opposed to reaching downtown Vancouver by road.

How do I purchase a West Coast Express (WCE) upgrade?

Purchase a Monthly upgrade for WCE at a discounted price of $102.30 by calling , or at the Compass Customer Service Centre. Single ride discounts also available at the Compass Vending Maching (CVM). A West Coast Express Monthly Pass option offers unlimited travel for the calendar month for the number of zones purchased.