What is a viral vector Core?

Viral vectors are effective tools for transferring a gene of interest into cells for transient or permanent expression.

What is vector in Chapel Hill?

The Vector Core at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Vector Core) was founded in 1993 as a full-service viral vector production organization. We have extensive experience in manufacturing research grade vectors utilize our unique expertise to ensure your project is on time and on budget.

What do you dilute AAV in?

Dilution of AAV After dissolving, mix the virus with medium, sterile PBS or normal saline solution, keeping at 4°C (using within a week).

Are AAV vectors safe?

So, the answer to my own question—are AAV vectors safe? —is an emphatic yes, as long as astronomically high doses are not administered, especially in older children and adults.

Is vector a pyramid scheme?

Vector claims they are a single-level direct selling marketing company, not a multi-level marking company, and they are not a pyramid scheme as its detractors claim, as the company does sell a product.

How long is AAV stable at 4 degrees?

However if the virus is repeated freeze-and-thaw, it will cause significant decrease of titer. For short-term storage, AAV is stable at 4? C for up to almost 2-3 weeks. 6.

Can you vortex AAV?

Avoid vortex or excessive pipetting of the sample. Do not dry the sample. Use sterile tubes, tips, needles, syringes.

How does AAV work?

How does AAV work? Simply put, AAV is transformed from a naturally occurring virus into a delivery mechanism for gene therapy. The viral DNA is replaced with new DNA, and it becomes a precisely coded vector and is no longer considered a virus, as most of the viral components have been replaced.

Does recombinant AAV cause disease in humans?

The current consensus is that AAV does not cause any human diseases. It is composed of an icosahedral protein capsid of ~26 nm in diameter and a single-stranded DNA genome of ~4.7 kb that can either be the plus (sense) or minus (anti-sense) strand29.