What is ABEM MOC?

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) promotes continuous learning and assessment through its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

What is passing ABEM score?

77 out of 100
The passing score for the Qualifying Exam was last examined in 2020 and was determined to be a score of 77 out of 100.

Does ABEM still require LLSA?

ABEM-certified physicians are required to complete four LLSA activities in the first five-year period of their ten-year certification. Physicians can take any combination of EM, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Toxicology, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine LLSA tests to meet their requirement.

How long is ABEM certification?

5 years
by your certification expiration date, your board certification will be renewed for 5 years, regardless of which method you use. Please use the ✓ ABEM Reqs tool on the ABEM website.

How is ABEM exam scored?

(Field tests questions and questions that do not meet ABEM quality standards are not used in determining candidates’ final scores.) Because ABEM uses multiple versions of its exams, this number correct is then statistically equated to all other versions of the test and transformed to a scaled score from 0 to 100.

How many questions are on the ABEM qualifying exam?

The exam contains approximately 305 single-best-answer, multiple choice questions. To best prepare for the Qualifying Examination review the following sections: Qualifying Exam Requirements.

How many times can you take the ABEM exam?

are no longer required to take a certification examination at least once every three years. However, if you did not pass the Qualifying Examination before 2015, you must pass the examination by the end of your first five-year period of board eligibility to be granted a second period of board eligibility.

What is the ABEM ConCert exam?

The ConCert Examination assesses knowledge, judgment, and skills of Emergency Medicine physicians. ABEM-certified physicians are required to pass the ConCert Examination once in years six through ten of their certification.

How long is the ABEM qualifying exam?

approximately 8 hours
Qualifying Exam Features The exam is divided into two sections or books, each separately timed, and each lasting 3 hours and 10 minutes, separated by a one-hour, scheduled break. The entire exam appointment takes approximately 8 hours to complete with 6 hours and 20 minutes of total testing time.

How many questions is ABEM written exam?

The exam contains approximately 305 single-best-answer, multiple choice questions.

What is Abem?

ABEM is one of 24 Member Boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties. The ABEM mission is to ensure the highest standards in the specialty of Emergency Medicine.

What are the components of Abem’s continuing certification process?

The components of ABEM’s continuing certification process include: MyEMCert Assessment Modules – Topic-specific modules that promote learning by incorporating Key Advances in Emergency Medicine and providing immediate answer rationales.

Is the ABEM office open on Thanksgiving?

The ABEM office will be closed Thursday, November 25, and Friday, November 26, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Best wishes to all for a happy and safe holiday.

What is the American Board of emergency medicine?

Founded in 1976, The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) develops and administers the Emergency Medicine certification examination for physicians who have met the ABEM credentialing requirements. ABEM strives to ensure that its certification processes are fair, valid, and reliable.