What is an approach on a bridge?

Approach. The part of the bridge that carries traffic from the land to the main parts of the bridge. Approach Span. The span or spans connecting the abutment with the main span or spans.

What are grade beams in construction?

A grade beam or grade beam footing is a component of a building’s foundation. It consists of a reinforced concrete beam that transmits the load from a bearing wall into spaced foundations such as pile caps or caissons.

What is a bridge approach slab?

The approach slab provides a transition between roadway pavement and the bridge. The approach slab acts as an intermediate bridge to span the portion of embankment directly behind the abutment/backwall which was excavated to construct the abutment/backwall.

When would you use a grade beam?

Grade beams are used to connect column foundations together, whether the columns are supported on individual spread footings, individual piles, or pile groups. Trenches in the soil will act as forms for reinforced concrete grade beams. Wood forms are only needed for the above ground portions of the grade beam.

What means approach road?

“Approach road” means any public or private roadway or driveway connection between the outside edge of the shoulder or curb line and the right-of-way line of a public or county road, intended to provide vehicular access to, from, or across said public or county road and the adjacent or adjoining property.

How big is a grade beam?

200mm by 600mm
Grade Beam Construction Grade beams must be a minimum of 200mm by 600mm (8” x 24”) with 2 – 15M bars top and bottom. Thickened edge slabs are not acceptable as a grade beam without an Engineer’s seal. An acceptable void form must be placed under all grade beams.

Why do we need an approach slab?

(1997), the primary functions of approach slabs are to (1) span voids that may develop below the approach slab, (2) provide a ramp for differential settlement leading to the bridge abutment, and (3) provide a better seal against water percolation to prevent the erosion of backfill material.

How do you make a grade beam?

1. Preparation and excavation for grade beam

  1. 1:Completion of trench excavation for the construction of grade beams between piles.
  2. 2: Grade beam excavated along with footings.
  3. 3: Placement of reinforcement on flat soling bricks.
  4. 4: Shuttering bottom and one side of grade beam and placed reinforcement.

What is a grade beam?

Pouring concrete for grade beam What is concrete grade beam? Grade beams are commonly concrete beams which are designed to act as horizontal ties between footings or pile caps.

What is the first step in construction process of grade beam?

Finally, if the grade is constructed above the ground surface, then installation of forms will be the first step in construction process of grade beam. 2. Formwork installation for grade beam

How to place reinforcement on a grade beam?

Placing reinforcement of grade beam After finishing shuttering or placement of flat soling bricks for the bottom of the grade beam, reinforcement placement begins directly or after side one side of the formwork is placed.

What are the steps involved in the planning for bridge construction?

This involves finding the materials, the arrangement of the span and the form. Implementation with the help of bidding documents. This is followed by carrying out by fixing the agency, the construction details, and their commissioning. The major steps that are involved in the planning for bridge construction are: 1. Study on Need for Bridge 2.